Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The iPad as a System Administrator's Primary Device: Part 3 - Instant On\Off is a Winner


In Part 2, I dealt with the virtual keyboard, now I address the question of "Does instant on\off really make a difference on a mobile device?" I often commute to work and as I was typing, I arrived at my stop and I just put the device in standby without any regard of the battery life. Instant on and instant off is so convenient that it is amazing! Most iPad owners are not even aware that the iPad can power down. Most people, like me, simply tap the power button to put it in standby mode. The iPad can be powered down completely by pressing and holding both the power button and the Home button until a slider bar appears.

Sliding the bar to the right will power the device down. When you do this, you will have press and hold the power button until the device boots back up. When you so this, the boot up is not instant. It will take a less than a minute to do so, but this way faster than my iPod Touch Gen 1 or my Palm Pre.

Ok, instant on and off sounds great, but the iPad is not a PC. In Part 4 - But an iPad Can't Do What my Laptop Can! I explain how the iPad can do everything my other computers can do.

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