Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The iPad as a System Administrator's Primary Device: Part 2 - Is the Virtual Keyboard is Good Enough?


In the beginning of this series, The iPad as a System Administrator's Primary
Device: Part 1 - The Introduction
, I explained that the iPad has replaced my

In my system administration support role, large amounts of typing are very rare.
Whether on my own PC or someone's else's PC, I seldom have to do a lot of
typing. My explanation of a problem, in an email message, is typically the
longest or lengthiest messages that I would type. Even when I create reports
with Crystal Reports, I typically cut and paste from documents previously typed by someone else in another application. Given this reality, the iPad's built-in virtual keyboard is sufficient.

In the few occasions that I have lengthy communications like this story, I used
my Logitech diNovo Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. It is small enough to be held like a texting device as my iPad rests in its freestanding case beside me (in this instance on my attaché case as I ride the bus downtown to work). Another thing is that still look at my keyboard more than I look at my screen whether I am typing, even when I am doing so on a standard keyboard, on a laptop's keyboard, or this Bluetooth keyboard. Some habits are just hard to break.

Turning on the my old laptop, waiting for it to boot and logging in to the device took tons of time over time, plus it limited when and where the laptop could be used. In Part 3 - Instant On\Off is a Winner, I tackle the convenience of instant on.

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