Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get "Find my iPad" Free with Limited MobileMe Account in iOS 4.2.1

MobileMe is a service available from Apple that provides users the ability to pay an annual fee of $99 to store their data in the cloud. Contacts, mail, calendar, pictures, photos and all the things that you like to have and to be able to make available to multiple devices. These services are available for free from providers like Google; however, Apple has found a way to persuade users to pay for the same services.  But Apple also provides a service that allows the MobileMe users to find a lost iPhone or iPad.  

Prior to the current IOS 4.2.1, this was only available to those Mobileme subscribers who paid the annual fee. Now with IOS 4.2.1, find my phone or find my iPad is available for free. You will not to set up a MobileMe account that can only provide access to the find my device services. With this free account, which can be set up on your iPad, you can now have the ability to track your lost iPad.  This limited MobileMe account has not email, calendar, photo or contact storage; only the "find my device" feature.

To get started, open the settings application on your iPad. Click the button for "e-mail" on the left side and select "add account". Choose the mobile me service icon and sign in with your ID and password used for your iTunes account.

Once set up you will have to verify your e-mail to ensure that you have a valid e-mail account. When you receive the verification e-mail from Apple, you will be directed to the Apple website to login with your ID and password. Once completed, relaunch the Mobileme account services in the settings application and your device will be registered.

Your device is ready to be located. Simply go to http://me.com/find and log in with your iTunes ID and password. You now have the ability to track the location of your iPad. You also can send a message to the iPhone. Additionally you can lock the device regardless of whether you have a pin or passcode assigned previously.

It worked in my testing; however, there is a glitch in the system.  I found that if you send a message to the "locked"  device will unlock itself.  You will no idea that it unlocked after receipt of the message.  To lock it again, simply resend a lock request. I guess, Apple was think one would send the message first and then lock the device.  I am sure they will fix that issue rather quickly.

If you are interested in trying the full MobileMe service, there is a 90 day trial available.


Start a 60-day free trial.

Become a MobileMe member in minutes. Sign up now and you can start enjoying all the benefits of MobileMe.



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