Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do you hate your iPad? Of Course Not!

Do you hate your iPad?

A have a Google Alert that provides me with a list of IPad relates stories to read daily.  The other day I was intrigued by this headline on "I Hate My iPad." The article, by John Swansburg, said that he felt he didn't improve his life with his $600 investment. In fact, he said that spending his money on a salad spinner would have been more productive. Wow, and he even admitted that he hated salad.

Digging a little deeper, the author admits the iPad is nice for browsing the web, but he likes the Kindle more for reading books because of the sharp e-ink screen. He hates typing on the iPad and generally doesn't think it is a big enough improvement over his laptop to justify the additional expense.

Fair enough. Reading the piece forced me to think about my own iPad purchase. However, I came to opposite conclusions. At home, the iPad has pretty much replaced my laptop for email and web surfing, and I do some heavy-duty control via Logmein Ignition or TeamViewer of some other computers in the house, even when I'm not home.

Using apps like Flipboard makes reading my Tweets and Facebook updates a pleasurable experience.   Sure, the iPad's software keyboard is not a great solution for extensive word processing or long emails, but you can pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard

John Swansburg: I think it's amazing that Apple has convinced so many people to pay $600 for what seem like such marginal improvements in their lifestyles—$600 to be able to check my e-mail in bed in a slightly more comfortable fashion than I can on my laptop seems sort of crazy when I stop and think about it

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