Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to the Future: Episode 1 HD for the Apple iPad

Back to the Future: Episode 1 HD ($6.99) has arrived and it's one of the best games I have seen on my iPad in recent memory.  I've only played it a little, but wanted to get my first impressions out.

Indeed, this is essentially a puzzle-solving game wrapped in "Back to the Future" trappings. Christopher Lloyd returns as the voice of Doc Brown, and mostly spot-on imitators give voice to Marty, Biff, and other familiar characters.

Although this is a totally new adventure that takes place after the events in the third (and final) movie, the game opens by putting you into a classic scene from the first movie--a great way to familiarize you with the story line and the gameplay mechanics. They're pretty simple: drag your finger to move Marty around the screen, tap something to examine it, store items in your inventory until needed, and so on.

The game does have some glaring issues. First, there's no pause option; some of the cut scenes run pretty long, and it would be nice if you could stop the action as needed. Second, the load/save game system is unnecessarily confusing. Thirdly, the game suffers from a sluggish frame rate and frequent hiccups in the video. Telltale Games should have never released the game with such a detracting flaw, but I am hopeful it will be addressed in updates.

The story draws you in, and aside from the issues described, rather quickly and with surprisingly little instructions given to make for a rather run experience. It sort of reminds me of the Leisure Suit Larry games of the past.

Here is me playing for the first time. I didn't want to capture the opening scene (no spoiler).

Review: Not yet, I have to get back to the game. I just landed in the past and looking for Doc. It's a snow day here in Michigan. Me and girls already had the day off. They are all still sleep so I can gets some game time in.

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