Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011, The Year of the Tablet will be interesting, Very Interesting

 Coday wrote:

I am very curious about the next generation ipad. I have a 16GB Wifi only version and I need more space, especially since I am starting to get into Photography.  I am probably going to wait a year and see what is available in early 2012 in terms of not only Apple, but also the Android devices.

I am in the same boat.  I have the same device and photos are the biggest space eaters outside of apps.

If history repeats as it did with the iPhone and the iPod touch, the iPad 2 will be minor changes and the iPad 3 will be considerably better. 

I am interested in what the iPad 3 will offer.

Apple wasn't at CES because 1) They want to show they aren't concern about the competition and 2) they didn't want to show their hand yet

With the HP Touch, Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom all to be launched this year, I believe Apple will wait to announce or release their new device at the appropriate time to steal some thunder from whomever they feel has the biggest thunder. With the iPad still selling great, it makes no sense to announce or release something prematurely.  They can hold off until the iPad 3 is released and just skip the iPad 2.  But just like last year, nobody really knows how things truly float in these here tablet waters. 

While there are millions more customers yet to own a tablet that will sooner or later, this year will definitely be interesting as the reigning king of the tablet, Apple has three contenders that have their own operating system, customer following and tablet to help woo their share of customers into their fold. This year will be the largest go at the throat of the status quo of desktops, laptops, netbooks and the Windows OS (which has yet to take a serious venture into the arena).

Apple has shown that the tablet is a viable alternative to the status quo.  That growing child that has begun to demand more time on the family PC; let the kid keep the PC and get me a tablet. That child that is going off to school and whom has demanded that your only laptop goes off to college too; no problem get yourself a tablet.  Those aging eyes having trouble with that tiny new smartphone that offer so much promise and access; give it to the kid and get yourself a tablet. Tired of lugging that company laptop across the country to trade shows and conferences and searching for a seat near the power source; no more pain because of your new shiny tablet.  Yes, this year many will continue to make the switch to the "new choice" in computing experience to add to their ever expanding computers needs. Now that the tablet is a choice, it will only get more interesting and excited as more players get into the game.

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