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Apple to Announce new iPad device this Wednesday, March 2nd

The rumors about what the iPad 2 will and won’t include continue to appear and we will have to continue to speculate and guess until next Wednesday (March 2nd) when the new tablet is expected to be revealed.

Apple will officially unveil the iPad 2 on March 2 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, putting an end to one set of rumors and sparking a whole new set.

While iPad fans really want the iPad 2 to be something special, it is sounding decidedly like Apple is going to unveil a new tablet that is really only a minor upgrade. Just like the iPad being a "BIG iPod Touch" turned out to be a good thing, so may these "minor" upgrades.

The latest rumors hitting Engadget are that the iPad 2 is indeed thinner than its predecessor, weigh less, have a slightly faster processor (A5 chip), improved speaker and include, the much needed, RAM memory (512MB, though 1GB would be better). There’s also the must-have dual cameras for FaceTime and social media junkie… but that’s about it.

We are all aware of this incremental upgrade path, because most manufacturers use this all the time. Apple definitely does; just look at the path of the iPod Touch:

The first iPod Touch had no external speaker because it was an iPod first.

The second iPod Touch had a new tapered chrome back with Nike+ functionality, volume buttons, and built-in speaker added.

The third IPod Touch included upgraded RAM, CPU and GPU internals from the iPhone 3GS; the 32 GB and 64 GB models include Voice Control support, VoiceOver, included OS version 3.x, and bundled remote earphones with microphone.

The fourth iPod Touch featured Apple's Retina display, two cameras; one front-facing camera for FaceTime and one rear-facing camera for photos and HD video recording. It also contains Apple's A4 for faster processing, a built-in microphone, a three-axis gyroscopic sensor, the hold button was moved to the right of the iPod and it Included iOS 4.1.

This gradual approach works, so we expect it to continue. Each of the above devices were fully capable of holding its own and each device drew in new customers as well as had customers who upgraded from existing devices. While each device was awesome at the time it was released, the 4th generation device is clearly a much better device than the first. We can expect the iPad to evolve in a similar pattern.

Impressive as the first iPad is, these upgrades will surely help gain new iPad owners into the fold. As competitor prepare to launch competing devices this year, everyone is looking for Apple to answer back with a device that squashes the rivals. Are these changes enough to maintain their reign in the new and expanding tablet computing arena?

In a few days, the Motorola Xoom, a tablet with a 10.1-inch display that runs on Android 3.0, known as Honeycomb, is expected to appear. Other tablets that may compete with the iPad are: the Android-powered LG G-Slate, Research In Motion's BlackBerry Playbook, and the WebOS-powered Touchpad from HP. Even Samsung has announced a 10-inch Honeycomb device, but only overseas as Motorola gets to be the first Honeycomb device in the U.S. 2011 is definitely the year of the Tablet and Apple wants to stay ahead of the race.

But expectations of a higher resolution display (not that this is really needed in my opinion), a SD card slot or an USB slot most likely be met with disappointment. The iPad 2 is looking like a revision to catch up the iPad features already existing on other Apple devices rather than an completely overhaul the iPad.

Engadget claims the sources telling them about iPad 2 have been very reliable in the past, so they don’t doubt what’s being said. The lack of new features is also being explained as linked to some engineering problems. If that’s the case, it looks as though Apple has chosen to discard new features to meet their deadline.

But does the new iPad need these things? Should the iPad be a independent computing device or should it continue to be a complimentary device to a desktop or laptop computer? Should it have ports available on the device directly or should Apple continue with the approach to have aftermarket accessories to provide these features. Do they need to squash the competition? Not really.

The market for the tablet is huge. There are millions of potential customers yet to discover the joys of a tablet computer. While true, Apple still wants to maintain their leadership in the market and use their innovation to gain the lion's share of the customers and their money. The truth of the matter is that the rumored changes will be significant enough to satisfy those customers on the fence; however, it may not be enough to sway many existing customers to upgrade.

Adding more internal storage may however be enough to get existing customers to upgrade to the next iPad device and quench their technological thirst. Upping the disk space from 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models to 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (or higher) models would get me to buy again. The competing tablet have some appealing features, but they mostly max out disk space at 32GB. This is a huge mistake for the competition as disk space will prove to be weakest link in their devices. Of course Apple will continue to give the competition some leverage by continuing their ban on Flash (the motion and video player used on many websites).

Of course, nothing is confirmed and everything is just rumors at the moment. Apple could surprise everyone with something that really will blow the competition away and force even current owners to open their wallets again. I just hope people aren’t building themselves up too much. We don’t want any tears next week.

What are your expectations from the next iPad device? What would be needed to get you to upgrade?

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By Carl W. Brooks

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do you hate your iPad? Of Course Not!

Do you hate your iPad?

A have a Google Alert that provides me with a list of IPad relates stories to read daily.  The other day I was intrigued by this headline on "I Hate My iPad." The article, by John Swansburg, said that he felt he didn't improve his life with his $600 investment. In fact, he said that spending his money on a salad spinner would have been more productive. Wow, and he even admitted that he hated salad.

Digging a little deeper, the author admits the iPad is nice for browsing the web, but he likes the Kindle more for reading books because of the sharp e-ink screen. He hates typing on the iPad and generally doesn't think it is a big enough improvement over his laptop to justify the additional expense.

Fair enough. Reading the piece forced me to think about my own iPad purchase. However, I came to opposite conclusions. At home, the iPad has pretty much replaced my laptop for email and web surfing, and I do some heavy-duty control via Logmein Ignition or TeamViewer of some other computers in the house, even when I'm not home.

Using apps like Flipboard makes reading my Tweets and Facebook updates a pleasurable experience.   Sure, the iPad's software keyboard is not a great solution for extensive word processing or long emails, but you can pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard

John Swansburg: I think it's amazing that Apple has convinced so many people to pay $600 for what seem like such marginal improvements in their lifestyles—$600 to be able to check my e-mail in bed in a slightly more comfortable fashion than I can on my laptop seems sort of crazy when I stop and think about it

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for One IPad Owner

So you are thinking about getting an iPad? Which size do you get, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB? If you are debating on a getting a 3G or Wifi only model, I am sure that the additional cost is at least thought about. Each of these variable have a cost factor that most people consider before making a final decision. Either way, you predict that the iPad is going to cost you anywhere from $499 to $829, plus tax, and that's about it, right? Not so fast. You know the 3G version will cost a few extra dollars a month, but there will most likely be a few more purchases that you may make before your iPad is the way you need it to be.

You might want a few accessories, like a protective case, a charging dock or keyboard and of course the Apps. You can't forget the Apps.

Here is a breakdown of my cost for my 16GB Wi-Fi iPad:

My $499 iPad really cost me $858.16.

The next thing I bought was a $15 Sleeve Case from K mart. I was heading to San Antonio Texas immediately after my purchase. I decided to take the laptop with my despite my new purchase. I needed something to protect the iPad while in transit. K mart was the only place I could make it to before my flight.

The case worked perfect for traveling, but the iPad had to be removed from the case in order to be used. With this case, the iPad is left exposed and unprotected from scratches and drops while in use. So while I was in San Antonio, I purchased a $20 Silicone case to protect the iPad; it seemed so slippery without something on it. I was really surprised to find this at a mall kiosk considering the device was so new; good thing I was in a tourist town that catered to travels' needs.

As i began to use drawing apps and note taking apps that support handwriting, I found a need to use a Stylus. I purchased a $15.89 stylus from the Apple store.

I found that the sleeve case nor the silicone cover allowed me to prop the case up for typing or viewing videos/movies. To remedy this, I purchased a $14.54 case w/ Stand from Amazon. While thicker than the official Apple case, it was a 3rd of the cost. It worked fine for my need.

Ever since I had purchased my iPad, I had wanted a new case called The Wallet by Happy Owl Studio. This $86.49 case has in preproduction when I needed, so I went with the prior case from Amazon as a stand in until they would ship. When this case shipped, I was thrilled and now have my wallet and iPad case combined.

The iPad's screen will get dirty and it will do so often. You will need some microfiber towels to clean this screen. I have spent about $15.00 on various towels. Proper awareness and planning can reduce this expense; however, keep in mind that if you don't have a case like my "Wallet" which has a storage area, you may need to have towels available at multiple locations (home, work, car, etc).

Once I began carrying the iPad exclusively, my huge laptop bag was overkill, so I picked up a smaller Samonite Netbook Carrying Bag for about $21.20 from Micro Center ( a large computer superstore in Troy MI) to accommodate the other items that carry daily.

Because I love teaching about technology and do presentations from my iPad, I purchased the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter from Apple for about $30.74. This allows me to do my presentations from my iPad and still project to a large screen or projector.

I did recover some of my costs, i sold the slip case and the silicone cover together for $20. I could have gotten full price for them, but I said a price before thinking it through. A coworker bought them and would have paid the full amount even though they were gently used.

I have not found a real justifiable need for a Bluetooth Keyboard or Screen Savers, though I do have 2 small scratches on the screen. These were caused by my wife's diamond ring before I asked her not to wear it while playing Plants and Zombies. Since then I have not had any issues.

You can not forget the apps, there are tons of apps that are free. There are more lite versions of apps that allow you to try some apps out before making a purchase. This was not an option for me a year ago, so I paid for some apps that I do not use today. Additionally, I purchased a database app that could only sync with a Mac computer (I don't have a Mac computer). Also, I paid $30 for Logmein Ignition to gain access to my computers back at the office and home. Today, I would have strongly considered the free version of TeamViewer to allow same function.

There are thousands of apps available for the iPad, so you need to do your homework before buying some apps. YouTube is a great resource that allow you to "see" apps in use before purchasing them. Combined, I have spent at least $150 in app purchases.

With a desktop computer, most people may never purchase additional software beyond Microsoft Office or maybe tax software, but with the App store directly loaded to your device, it is more likely that you will buy something. Considering you don't have to pull out the credit card every time, it is very probable that once you start, you will do it more.

So what is the point? Your iPad will cost more than then device's price tag. My $499 iPad really cost me $858.16. Think about the accessories that you may need and plan those purchases with cost in mine, because the numbers can add up fast.

By Carl W. Brooks

iPad Competition: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

BARCELONA, Spain--Along with the Galaxy S II, Samsung introduced its second Android tablet at the Mobile World Congress 2011.

Joining the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a larger 10.1-inch WXGA (1,280x800-pixel resolution) TFT touch screen, and runs the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. In addition, it's a Google Experience device, so the tablet will feature the stock Android user interface instead of Samsung's custom UI, TouchWiz. This should, hopefully, prevent any delays with future OS updates.


In other good news, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be powered by a dual-core processor (Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset, to be exact), so you should experience faster browsing, an improved gaming experience, and better overall performance, among other things.
Another benefit of the new chipset is that it supports 1080p HD video recording (at 24 frames per second) and playback (30fps), which you can take using the back-facing 8-megapixel camera. There's also a 2-megapixel camera on front for video calls.
The quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) tablet supports HSPA+, which is capable of 21Mbps, and also has Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 2.1.

Physically, the Tab 10.1 measures 9.69 inches by 6.71 inches by 0.43 inch and weighing 1.32 pounds. Samsung says it's one of the thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablets on the market. The company also added a texture to the backside and grooves where you can place your hands when holding the tablet in landscape mode. It's a much improved experience compared with that of the original Galaxy Tab, which felt quite slick and plasticky.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in a 16GB and a 32GB model. Both are expected to ship this spring in Europe and Asia, with Vodafone as one of its carrier partners. Samsung said there is no current plan for a CDMA model, and U.S. availability, as well as pricing, were not announced at this time.

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All Things Digital Exclusive: Apple iPad 2 Event Set for March 2

Exclusive: Apple iPad 2 Event Set for March 2
by Kara Swisher    

To those who care intensely about this kind of stuff–which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem–Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad, according to multiple sources.

As in, iPad 2! Or, as BoomTown is now officially nicknaming it: iPad Too!

Analysts expect the iPad 2 to be thinner than its predecessor and feature an improved display, as well as front-facing camera and Facetime video chat support. And some reports suggest it will be powered by one of Qualcomm's multimode chips and will run on both GSM and CDMA-based networks around the world.

In its last earnings calls, Apple said it had sold nearly 15 million iPads, since it went on sale last spring.

This is a very big deal, although Apple will be facing increased competition with the launch of a passel of tablets coming from numerous manufacturers, most of which are using the Honeycomb version of Google's Android mobile operating system.

According to several sources close to the situation, the Wednesday date in a little more than a week is firm and will take place in San Francisco, the scene of many such Apple events.

In that case, the venue is likely to be the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

It's not clear when Apple will begin sending out its famous invites for the gathering, but I am guessing soon, in order to get the Apple faithful to the proper level of froth.

(The image above is from one of my favorite previous save-the-dates.)

Now that this date is confirmed–at least by me!–the next round of speculation will be around whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs will appear or not.

He is currently on leave to deal with ongoing health issues, although has been sighted all around Silicon Valley at various places. In addition, Jobs sat right next to President Barack Obama at a high-profile meet-the-tech-moguls dinner in the area last week.

In other words: Let the media frenzy begin!

Source: AllThingDigital - Apple to introduce new Ipad at March 2 event - All Things D

Update: I am Therefore iPad: Apple to Announce new iPad device this Wednesday, March 2nd

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iAmThereforeiPad, Founder and Chief Editor

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How to Print from your iPad with AirPrint on Windows PC

When Apple introduced the iOS 4.2, they also introduced a feature called AirPrint which allows you to print  some documents, photos, emails and web-pages over a Wi-Fi connection from your Apple iOS device. This step-by-step or How-to-Do guide is intended for those of us who do not have a Wi-Fi enabled printer and want to print from the iPad to an existing printer connected to a Windows based desktop.  This solution does not require any additional app purchases.

To enable iOS 4.2 AirPrint feature on Windows, follow the step-by-step guide below. This guide is applicable to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users.


  • iTunes 10.1

  • Make sure the local printer (Lpt1 or USB) is setup as a shared printer on your local PC

  • Make sure you have full administrator privileges to enable/disable services on your PC

    Installing the latest iTunes is simple enough, launch iTunes and you should be presented with the following dialog to allow you to install the latest version.


    Steps to Enable AirPrint on Windows 7/Vista/XP:

    Go to C:\Program Files and create a new folder called AirPrint as shown in the screen shot below:


    You now have an empty directory;


    Download from here (Mirror) and unzip it in the AirPrint folder you created in the above steps.

    Open the zipped file and click on Extract All Files



    Choose Browse to locate the directory you created:


    Click Extract:


    The files are extracted to the directory:


    Go to run and type "CMD" to open Command Prompt as shown in the screen shot below:


    Now you have a command prompt:


    Now type the following set of commands:

    sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= "C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -s" depend= "Bonjour Service" start= auto

    sc.exe start AirPrint


    As soon as you start the AirPrint service, Windows Firewall you may be prompted to allow or deny AirPrint features to be shared over networks. Click on Allow access button.


    Thats it. Now open documents from supported apps or any of your emails from your device with iOS 4.2 installed and click on the Print option to print the document wirelessly over a Wifi connection.

    in this example, I am printing a web page. To start, touch the bent arrow icon next to bookmarks icon. You will be presented with a dialog window with "Print" as an option.

    Touching "Print" will bring up the Printer Options dialog. Touch "select printer".

    You will now see any local printer that is shared from your desktop. Touch the printer name.

    You now have the option to select the number of copies you want to print. Touch "Print" to begin printing.

    A notification window will appear to show status of the print job.

    If you have a problem printing, let me know what issue you are having.


    If you see your printer, but get only a spinning wheel when you select it, you can do the following:

    Create a local user called print and add a password to it.
    Modify the local printer's properties and look for the security tab. Add the new user to the list of users that can access the printer.

  • Control your camera from your iPad with OnOne's DSLR Camera Remote HD

    If you’re a serious iPad-toting, DSLR camera user looking to broaden your photographic horizons, OnOne Software’s $49.99 DSLR Camera Remote HD app for the iPad could be valuable tool in your arsenal. The app—an iPad-optimized version of OnOne’s existing DSLR Camera Remote iPhone app ($19.99) —works in conjunction with your WiFi-enabled computer and compatible Nikon or Canon DSLR camera to let you instantly adjust your camera’s settings, fire the shutter, review images, get a live viewfinder preview, and record video from the cozy confines of your iPad.

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

    Due to limitations in the Canon and Nikon Software Developer Kits, a computer is required to act as a bridge between your iPad and your DSLR—OnOne offers free server software for Mac OS X and Windows that facilitates the connection between the iPad and DSLR. Once you’ve established the connection, you’ll be able to use the iPad’s spacious display to view your camera’s viewfinder in real time, snap photos, review your images, and adjust camera settings like white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation.

    The app also features an Auto Bracketing mode for expanded exposure brackets, a Burst mode for continuous shooting, and the ability to save low-res versions of images to the iPad for emailing and sharing. The app supports a wide range of Canon EOS cameras and Nikon D series cameras, though feature availability varies from camera to camera. You can check the OnOne Website for details on your specific camera model, which would be well advised since, at $50, DSLR Camera Remote HD is one of the pricier apps available for the iPad.

    DSLR Camera Remote HD runs on iOS 3.2 or later.

    iTunes: DSLR Camera Remote HD

    Source: David Dahlquist,

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Back to the Future: Episode 1 HD for the Apple iPad

    Back to the Future: Episode 1 HD ($6.99) has arrived and it's one of the best games I have seen on my iPad in recent memory.  I've only played it a little, but wanted to get my first impressions out.

    Indeed, this is essentially a puzzle-solving game wrapped in "Back to the Future" trappings. Christopher Lloyd returns as the voice of Doc Brown, and mostly spot-on imitators give voice to Marty, Biff, and other familiar characters.

    Although this is a totally new adventure that takes place after the events in the third (and final) movie, the game opens by putting you into a classic scene from the first movie--a great way to familiarize you with the story line and the gameplay mechanics. They're pretty simple: drag your finger to move Marty around the screen, tap something to examine it, store items in your inventory until needed, and so on.

    The game does have some glaring issues. First, there's no pause option; some of the cut scenes run pretty long, and it would be nice if you could stop the action as needed. Second, the load/save game system is unnecessarily confusing. Thirdly, the game suffers from a sluggish frame rate and frequent hiccups in the video. Telltale Games should have never released the game with such a detracting flaw, but I am hopeful it will be addressed in updates.

    The story draws you in, and aside from the issues described, rather quickly and with surprisingly little instructions given to make for a rather run experience. It sort of reminds me of the Leisure Suit Larry games of the past.

    Here is me playing for the first time. I didn't want to capture the opening scene (no spoiler).

    Review: Not yet, I have to get back to the game. I just landed in the past and looking for Doc. It's a snow day here in Michigan. Me and girls already had the day off. They are all still sleep so I can gets some game time in.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    In App Purchases Good for Developers but Bad for Uninformed Customers

    Smurfs' Village is a top grossing iPhone game, but one which has proved controversial in terms of claims that many in-app purchases have been made accidentally.  According to some sites, Apple has told Capcom in no uncertain terms that its "free" game has been causing problems with an increasingly significant number of parents who have complained that their children have been racking up large amounts of in-app purchases without their knowledge.  Capcom is not alone in the practice, but may be one of the most recognizable name among the controversy.     

    But who is really to blame? Is it Apple for allowing developers to offer apps that are labeled "free", but clearly have little function without the "in-app" purchases?  Is it the developers that are using this new feature and all of their creativity to rocket to the top of both the "free" app chart and the "top grossing" app chart with the same "free" app?  Or is it the parent who gives a child a device, that has spending power and credit card access, without due diligence?

    All parties play a part in the controversy. Apple's iTunes account protocol allows additional downloads and purchases to reoccur for an additional 15 minutes after the account password has been entered. This is a convenience feature that helps when you want download multiple apps. But the issue most likely occurs when parents download a "free" app, assuming it is free of cost, and hands the device to a child.

    It's a situation that has caused some parents to get billed for hundreds and thousands of dollars because their children had unwittingly purchased in-app items. In the case of the Smurf game, Smurfberries were purchased without the child (or even adults) realizing the true consequences.  And the money could literally get spent within a few minutes too.  Within seconds into the game, you will be prompted to make a purchase.  The SmurfBerries purchases range from 50 for $4.99 USD to 2,000 for $99.99 USD.

    Am I the only one that thinks $100 for some virtual Smurfberries is ridiculous?  I think all of the prices should be a tenth of what they are charging.  Looks like someone is being quite greedy.  Capcom and other developers have updated their app descriptions, within the AppStore with warnings of "in-app purchase options".
    Some have made reference to on device setting changes that can prevent accidental purchases. In the case of the Smurfs game, it has popup warnings at the start of the game to inform consumers that real money is used to buy items within the game.  

     Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

    While this is welcoming, the game constantly entices you to purchase SmurfBerries; so much so that a impressionable kid would eventually give in to a purchase to allow the game to progress along faster. Without the in-app purchase option deployed, it is almost impossible for a purchase NOT to occur. 

    Indeed, we hear that many parents have been refunded these "accidental purchases" although it's not entirely clear whether this is due to action from Apple, credit card companies or Capcom.

    I played a different "free" game that involved smashing ants with my finger.  

    The ants would crawl from many spots on the screen.  The developer had ads in the game, one which was for their own "ad free" version.  Throughout the game, pops up would pop up unexpectedly and in such a way that you could not avoid clicking the window. 

    However, the rumor is that Apple is looking to tighten up its iTunes log in procedure, with the current 15 minutes default before re-logging in reduced to around five minutes so that accidental purchases are limited. Most people would hate to have to enter their password every time they want to download an app, especially within a few seconds of the last download.  This "time out" should be an user configurable number. UPDATE - Apple added the option to ask for the password for every download or

    The web site Ares Technica is reporting that the issue has now been referred to the United States Federal Trade Commission for possible investigation.  Not sure that is required. 

    No doubt this will raise the question of parent responsibility as parents hand over their iOS devices to their children without proper precautions. Oversight and knowledge is still king of the situation. A kid could approach a parent and indicate that they are playing Smurfs and the app is prompting for the iTunes password.

    That parent could enter the password without knowledge of the end result. 

    With the number of "free" apps with in-app purchase options are growing in the App Store, it is logical move for Apple to control the flow of bad publicity from parents whose credit cards have been wacked by their free spending offspring, by educating the developers of best practices and by fine tuning the restriction settings.

    As a word to the wise, I always recommend that the in-app purchases option be turned off in the Settings app.  To do so, launch the Setting app and choice "restrictions" from the General tab.  Use the OFF toggle next to the in-app purchases. 

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    What are you doing with all those pictures on the iPad? Having fun!

    On Feb 17, 2011, at 8:54 PM, david wrote:

    @ Carl what do you do with your photos on the iPad? Are you just carrying around to show people?  Just curious.

    I love showing off the family and I take hundreds of pics with my smartphone weekly. I like using the following apps to manipulate my pics.
    Photo Delight: Colorize your photos... by Global Delight

    PhotoPad by Zagg

    I really think this is a must have app for those who handle pics on the iPad. This app is free and it is used often for rotating pics, resizing pics and cropping. It even handles red eye and more. 

    TouchRetouch HD by Adva-Soft

    By far my favorite picture apps.  It let's you remove unwanted people and items from your pictures.  Now those almost perfects pictures can be perfect. 

    Here is a story I did with examples

    Color Splash for iPad by Pocket Pixels Inc.

    Ever see those pictures where the bride in the pictures is in black and white while the flowers are in color? Ever wonder how they did that? I guarantee that they didn't do it as easy as you will with this app. 


    Carl W. Brooks
    iAmThereforeiPad, Founder and Chief Editor

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    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    2011, The Year of the Tablet will be interesting, Very Interesting

     Coday wrote:

    I am very curious about the next generation ipad. I have a 16GB Wifi only version and I need more space, especially since I am starting to get into Photography.  I am probably going to wait a year and see what is available in early 2012 in terms of not only Apple, but also the Android devices.

    I am in the same boat.  I have the same device and photos are the biggest space eaters outside of apps.

    If history repeats as it did with the iPhone and the iPod touch, the iPad 2 will be minor changes and the iPad 3 will be considerably better. 

    I am interested in what the iPad 3 will offer.

    Apple wasn't at CES because 1) They want to show they aren't concern about the competition and 2) they didn't want to show their hand yet

    With the HP Touch, Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom all to be launched this year, I believe Apple will wait to announce or release their new device at the appropriate time to steal some thunder from whomever they feel has the biggest thunder. With the iPad still selling great, it makes no sense to announce or release something prematurely.  They can hold off until the iPad 3 is released and just skip the iPad 2.  But just like last year, nobody really knows how things truly float in these here tablet waters. 

    While there are millions more customers yet to own a tablet that will sooner or later, this year will definitely be interesting as the reigning king of the tablet, Apple has three contenders that have their own operating system, customer following and tablet to help woo their share of customers into their fold. This year will be the largest go at the throat of the status quo of desktops, laptops, netbooks and the Windows OS (which has yet to take a serious venture into the arena).

    Apple has shown that the tablet is a viable alternative to the status quo.  That growing child that has begun to demand more time on the family PC; let the kid keep the PC and get me a tablet. That child that is going off to school and whom has demanded that your only laptop goes off to college too; no problem get yourself a tablet.  Those aging eyes having trouble with that tiny new smartphone that offer so much promise and access; give it to the kid and get yourself a tablet. Tired of lugging that company laptop across the country to trade shows and conferences and searching for a seat near the power source; no more pain because of your new shiny tablet.  Yes, this year many will continue to make the switch to the "new choice" in computing experience to add to their ever expanding computers needs. Now that the tablet is a choice, it will only get more interesting and excited as more players get into the game.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Apple Launches Subscriptions on the App Store, Improvements better come Fast to the App Sore Interface

    Apple® today, February 15, 2011, announced a new subscription service
    available to all publishers of content-based apps on the App Store℠,
    including magazines, newspapers, video, music, etc. This is the same
    digital subscription billing service that Apple recently launched with
    News Corp.'s "The Daily" app Many are writing how this is not good
    for subscriber. I disagree.

    Apple explains the subscription plan this way, "Subscriptions
    purchased from within the App Store will be sold using the same App
    Store billing system that has been used to buy billions of apps and
    In-App Purchases. Publishers set the price and length of subscription
    (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly). Then
    with one-click, customers pick the length of subscription and are
    automatically charged based on their chosen length of commitment
    (weekly, monthly, etc.). Customers can review and manage all of their
    subscriptions from their personal account page, including canceling
    the automatic renewal of a subscription. Apple processes all payments,
    keeping the same 30 percent share that it does today for other In-App

    Unless something already changed today within the Apple app store,
    Apple is going to have drastically improve their system for tracking
    purchases in the on-device iTunes store. In the past, and even today
    (unless a new app store tracking system was launched today) the above
    claim by Apple will have many challenges and changes in order for this
    new system to be effective. Today when you buy apps, it is very
    difficult to determine what apps you have previously purchased. In
    fact, you can only see purchase history only from the desktop version
    of iTunes. If you do not own a desktop computer, you can not see
    which apps where purchased at all. This not acceptable. It can lead
    to unwanted purchases. Even the list available on the desktop is
    poorly organized and you have to look through many separate files
    based on purchase date to find a prior purchased item. Horrible.

    When looking an app in the iTunes App store, you can only see that are
    installed. If you own an app, there is no way of knowing this when
    looking at the app in the list in the store. It is only after
    clicking on the buy button that Apple will indicate that the app has
    been previously purchased. This is backwards and can easily result in
    apps being purchased by accident. For example, if you download Angry
    Birds lite (which is free) and then have to restore your device. When
    you go to the App store to re-download the app, if you mistakenly
    click the buy button on the paid app instead of the free app, then you
    pay for something that you thought was free. Many apps have similar
    names, plus there apps that you may own from prior device like iPhone
    or iPod Touch that require that you buy the iPad version separately.
    You could buy the new app, thinking it is the version you already own.
    Apple should make it easier to determine what you own and make it
    possible from the device. Apple's for getting refunds for these
    unwanted purchases needs even more work. Having Apple in the middle
    will lead to issues for both the buyer and the service provider for
    the near future.

    "Our philosophy is simple—when Apple brings a new subscriber to the
    app, Apple earns a 30 percent share; when the publisher brings an
    existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent
    and Apple earns nothing," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "All we
    require is that, if a publisher is making a subscription offer outside
    of the app, the same (or better) offer be made inside the app, so that
    customers can easily subscribe with one-click right in the app. We
    believe that this innovative subscription service will provide
    publishers with a brand new opportunity to expand digital access to
    their content onto the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, delighting both
    new and existing subscribers."

    I have seen the battle for years in the mobile world. When sites like charged the same 30%for sales of Palm OS apps, they were
    digitally lynched on the fan and developer sites. I don't have a
    problem with this arrangement. If you can sell your app or service
    outside the app store, then you will keep everything as usual. If the
    sale is a result of them finding it in the app store then Apple closes
    the deal and gets their cut. If someone tells you to sign up for
    Netflix and you go to site, then Netflix closes the deal.
    If they go to the app store on their device to sign up, then Apple
    closes the deal and Apple makes 30% of the sale.

    Apple continues, "Publishers who use Apple's subscription service in
    their app can also leverage other methods for acquiring digital
    subscribers outside of the app. For example, publishers can sell
    digital subscriptions on their web sites, or can choose to provide
    free access to existing subscribers. Since Apple is not involved in
    these transactions, there is no revenue sharing or exchange of
    customer information with Apple. Publishers must provide their own
    authentication process inside the app for subscribers that have signed
    up outside of the app. However, Apple does require that if a publisher
    chooses to sell a digital subscription separately outside of the app,
    that same subscription offer must be made available, at the same price
    or less, to customers who wish to subscribe from within the app. In
    addition, publishers may no longer provide links in their apps (to a
    web site, for example) which allow the customer to purchase content or
    subscriptions outside of the app."

    The plain truth is 70% of something is way better than 100% of
    nothing. What the content provider must realize is that they will have
    much more exposure to their app than they could ever imagine. Every
    single person with an iOS device has the opportunity to buy the app,
    or in this case, the service. Without the app store, most of these
    people mostly likely would never know you or your service existed. If
    the same device owners never discover your app in the app store or
    choose not to buy it, then you make 100% of nothing and so does Apple
    That is the reality. If companies have other ways of promoting their
    wares, they are free to do so and keep 100% of the profit for
    successfully doing so.

    If the content provider controls the sale outside of the app store,
    then they control the customer data. If Apple handles the sales, then
    they are faced with holding and protecting the data. Apple states it
    this way, "Protecting customer privacy is a key feature of all App
    Store transactions. Customers purchasing a subscription through the
    App Store will be given the option of providing the publisher with
    their name, email address and zip code when they subscribe. The use of
    such information will be governed by the publisher's privacy policy
    rather than Apple's. Publishers may seek additional information from
    App Store customers provided those customers are given a clear choice,
    and are informed that any additional information will be handled under
    the publisher's privacy policy rather than Apple's."

    Customers will rather have one point of contact for protecting their
    data versus having hundreds of people with their credit card
    information. Having the ability to enjoy a service from known and
    unknown services providers without increasing risk of misuse will be
    appreciated by customers. This is not a new problem for developers
    that have been in the game for a long time, it is just new players.
    Ask any developer, that complained about the Palmgear deal of the
    past, if they would have the old system or the new system and many
    will say that they would take the Apple system any day. Apple will
    have to spend some of that money they have in reserve to fix the
    deficiencies in they system so that customer and content providers can
    better track their purchases and customers.


    Carl W. Brooks
    iAmThereforeiPad, Founder and Chief Editor

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    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Step by Step JailBreak of iPad 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n (Windows)

    Using the Greenpois0n RC5 untethered JailBreak tool on Windows allow you to jailbreak the Apple iPad at the iOS 4.2.1 firmware. The guide below will provide a "step by step" or a "how to" for JailBreaking your iPad on iOS 4.2.1 using Greenpois0n RC5 tool.

    How to Jailbreak iPad 4.2.1 using Greenpois0n RC5

    Step 1: Download Greenpois0n RC5 Jailbreak for Windows.

    Step 2: Once the download is complete, open the zip file to unzip it to the Desktop.

    Step 3: Open folder and double click Greenpois0n.exe to launch it.

    Step 4: Click on the button ‘Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)’.

    Step 5: Greenpois0n will display the instructions to put the device in DFU Mode

    You will be asked to press and hold the sleep button for 2 seconds.

    Continue holding sleep; press and hold home for 10 seconds.

    Release sleep button; continue holding home for 15 seconds.

    Step 6: Once your iPad is in DFU mode, click the Jailbreak button.

    Step 7: Greenpois0n will now jailbreak your iPad 4.2.1.

    Step 8: Click the Quit button once the software application has completed.

    Step 9: After the iPad restarts you’ll notice a new Loader app on your Springboard, entitled “Greenpois0n”. Press to launch it.

    Step 10: Press to select Cydia then press the large Install Cydia button that appears.

    Step 11: Once Cydia has installed successfully on your iPad, you will be prompted if you want to remove Loader from your device. Press the Remove button then press the Home button. Your iPad will now reboot.

    Your iPad is now JailBroken. Those who are facing any issue while jailbreaking iPad on iOS 4.2.1, please feel free to comment below!

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    iPad receives FAA certification as an electronic flight bag

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
    Jeppesen, the company that produces most of the paper and electronic
    "Jepp charts" used by pilots for preflight planning and inflight
    navigation, announced late last week that jet charter operator
    Executive Jet Management has received authorization from the Federal
    Aviation Administration to use the Jeppesen Mobile TC App for iPad as
    an alternative to paper charts.

    According to online aviation website AvStop, this authorization allows
    Executive Jet Management to use the app and iPad as the sole reference
    for electronic charts at all times during a flight. Jeppesen,
    Executive Jet Management, and local and national Electronic Flight Bag
    authorization authorities recently completed a three-month inflight
    evaluation of the iPad-based solution. During the evaluation, pilots
    for the charter operator logged more than 250 flight segments using
    the app.

    The configuration that was authorized by the FAA is a Class 1 portable
    kneeboard electronic flight bag solution, meaning that the iPad needs
    to be secured and viewable during critical flight phases. The iPad
    tests even included a rapid decompression test to 51,000 feet in
    altitude and successful non-interference testing on the evaluation

    While the authorization is only for one jet charter operator, this
    could signal a move for rapid acceptance of the iPad in the cockpit by

    Free. Launch in iTunes.


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    GreenPois0n RC6 brings untethered jailbreak to Apple TV too

    I have personally Jailbroken my iPod Touch and my iPad and enjoy the choices the process provides. I used the site to JailBreak my iPod Touch and my iPad. I actually have Jailbroken my iPad three more additional times, using three different processes. I originally used, then Limera1n and lastly Greenpois0n. I helped a co-worker re-JailBreak hers iPad with Greenpois1n and then had to reload the Cydia app with yet a fourth process called Redsn0w. Why so many different ways to JailBreak iOS devices? Well Apple is determined to prevent the JailBreaking process from happening or reoccurring, so the developers' product may cease to work up to a certain iOS version.

    The JailBreak process you use is really based on what the iOS version you have on your device. Additionally you want an untethered Jailbreak where you can reboot your device at will, versus a tethered Jailbreak where you would have to connect to a desktop in order to re-Jailbreak the device after a reboot.

    GreenPois0n is currently the latest one to allow the latest version of Apple's iOS to be JailBroken; including the Apple TV 2. The GreenPois0n RC6 download is now available for public consumption, should you want it. This particular version of GreenPois0n brings with it untethered jailbreaks for the AT&T iPhone, Verizon iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and now the Apple TV 2.

    The procedure for jailbreaking your devices hasn’t changed in the lastest RC candidate, so if you’ve done a GreenPois0n install before, this one will be right up your alley.

    You can now download GreenPois0n for the Mac and Windows.

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    Man said WalMart sold him fake iPad

    ATLANTA, GA (CNN) - A Georgia man is claiming WalMart sold him a fake iPad and now the company won't refund his money.

    The iPad Ken Lemal bought is more like a liePad. The case is fake, the glass, the picture on the screen, everything is fake, but to Lemal the problem is very real.

    Lemal still has the iPad he bought from the WalMart store even though he went and purchased another from an Apple store.

    Lemal took it to a 10 year veteran Apple technician who gave him the answer.

    "This is obviously not a real iPad," said Myles Foley, the Apple technician. "This looks to be a store display."

    Foley said there's a name for what likely happened, a brick in the box return. Someone probably bought a real iPad, then switched in a fake and returned it for cash.

    Lemal said he told management he got stuck buying a restocked iPad prop.

    "They should go ahead and give me my money back, but they decided I was the one that put it in the box, and it wasn't their fault," Lemal said.

    Lemal wants his money back and figures the only way to go about it now is a lawsuit.

    A WalMart spokesman said they'll continue to investigate Lemal's matter and plan to respond to his claim through the legal process.

    Copyright 2011 CNN. All rights reserved.

    Moms With Apps Creates a Mobile App Store for Kids and Families

    Moms with Apps icon
    Redwood City, California – Moms With Apps, a collective of parents who
    make apps for the iPhone and iPad, launched a mobile app catalog of
    family-friendly apps on the iTunes App Store. The "Moms With Apps"
    mobile app simplifies the app discovery process by enabling parents
    and educators to search for apps by specific educational categories.

    Developed in collaboration with the Moms With Apps iOS development
    group, over 200 participants have carefully categorized their apps by
    educational value and age group. The result is a comprehensive index
    of over 600 family-friendly apps.

    "It's the first tool of its kind to give an organized voice for
    family-friendly apps, and we intend to be the best and most committed
    resource to help make the iDevice an educational tool for families."
    Lorraine Akemann, Editor and Co-founder, Moms With Apps

    Categories cover topics such as early learning, math, science,
    reading, creative play, and special needs. Each app contains
    recommended ages to enable multiple types of searches. Browsing for
    apps is facilitated by a "wishlist" option, so users can go back and
    revisit apps of interest. Then, newly discovered apps can be shared
    with friends and family through social networks.

    "The (Moms With Apps) app catalog is fabulous. As an educator, I've
    been feeling overwhelmed with requests for 'the best apps to help with
    ______'. It takes so much time to search the overwhelming abundance of
    apps available. You have just made our jobs so much easier!!" Denise
    Wolfe, Speech/Language Pathologist, MA, CCC-SLP

    Device Requirements:
    * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
    * Requires iOS 4.0 or later
    * 18.4 MB

    Pricing and Availability:

    Moms With Apps 1.1.0 is free*** and available worldwide exclusively
    through the App Store in the Education category.

    *** The app is free; however, many of the apps in its directory are paid apps.

    Download From iTunes

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

    Moms With Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers
    seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. The purpose of
    Moms With Apps is to support developers through networking and
    cross-marketing opportunities, support parents by assisting with app
    discovery, and support families by advocating healthy intersections of
    kids and technology. Copyright (C) 2011 Moms With Apps. All Rights
    Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered
    trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

    app • apps • creates • families • for • kids • mobile • moms • store • with


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    iPads May Replace Textbooks in Georgia Schools

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

    In yet another clear example of the many ways in which Apple's iPad is changing the status quo in multiple facets of life, it may soon become a reality in the state of Georgia where textbooks are a thing of the past. If Georgia state legislator Tommie Williams has his way, every middle school classroom will boast one iPad per student, each loaded with the study materials and course work pertinent to their individual classes.

    "Last week we met with Apple Computers," Williams told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "and they have a really promising program – for $500 per child per year, they will furnish every child with an iPad, wi-fi the system, provide all the books on the system, all the upgrades, all the teacher training – and the results they're getting from these kids is phenomenal." The real value in making the switch from school books to iPads, however, comes over the long haul. "We're currently spending about $40 million a year on books," Senator Williams added. "And they last about seven years. We have books that don't even have 9/11. This is the way kids are learning, and we need to be willing to move in that direction."

    Although pilot programs involving the incorporation of iPads into the classroom are already underway in many parts of the US, the potential development in Georgia would represent a massive shift from business as usual in contemporary classroom education. And according to Senator Williams, there's a strong possibility the Georgia will pave the way for electronic tablets becoming a permanent substitute for printed textbooks in the classroom.


    Carl W. Brooks
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    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    The Best Cydia Apps for iPad 4.2.1 (JailBroken)

    If you have a 4.3.1 iPad, check out the 4.3.1 Cydia app list.

    Whether this is your first time Jailbreaking your iPad, you had a previous Jailbroken iPad at an earlier version, you will need to know which Cydia apps are OK to use with the current version of the iOS operating system. Some JailBroken apps either don't work anymore (with the latest version of iOS 4.2.1) or are no longer needed because of enhancements added in the new iPad operating system. You may be asking, “I just JailBroke my 4.2.1 iPad, what do I do now?” Quite possibly, you may be confused as to why one might want to Jailbreak the iPad in the first place. JailBreaking is all about choices. You can choose to do it or not. If you do, then you will need to know which Cydia apps are available. More importantly, you may need help to see which apps are compatible.

    This article hopefully will show you a few of the choices that you have with a JailBroken iPad. Cydia is a safe alternative App store that provides both free and paid apps for the iOS devices. Not all apps work with all iOS devices.


    The iPad now had multitasking available for a limited number of (mostly audio) apps; therefore Pandora Radio, Stitcher Radio, Police Scanner or other similar apps can be used in the background as you read a book, draft an email or surf the web. Apple has included an icon tray that is accessible by double clicking the Home button. This tray doesn't just show opened or background apps, but also show the recently accessed apps were well as brightness, music, rotation and audio controls. I like this, but I would like to see my "opened apps" in a fashion that is similar to my desktop (think table top, not computer desktop). I miss this from my Palm Pre days. There is a Cydia app that helps with this need, it is called Multidl0w.

    Multifl0w is an app switcher for Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is a lot better than the default app switcher as it shows the snapshot of the running application. You can close the apps running in the background by either clicking on the X button or flicking the app snapshot up, down or to the side. Multifl0w shows all open apps (up to 9) on the same screen, for easy and quick task switching. This makes it more intuitive and it also quicker to close the app compared to Apple’s implementation as you can just tap on the cross button. The apps can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange them. In iOS4, Multifl0w can work alongside or totally replace Apple's task switcher by going to Settings –> Multifl0w –> Activation Methods –> Home Button – tap on Double Press. There is no icon for this feature; access the app information in the extensions area in the Settings app. The app is available in the Cydia store for $4.99.

    UnMute for iPad

    One new feature that is available in iOS 4.2.1 is the muting switch. Previously, the switch next to the volume rocker was used for locking and unlocking the orientation of the iPad. Apple changed this so that the switch on the iPad would operate the same as it would on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Many of us do not like this; we like the switch to handle the rotation function instead of the muting function. UnMute for iPad restores this switch to the original function. UnMute for iPad is free and available in the Cydia store.


    The next app is called CyDelete. Cydia apps cannot be deleted from the iPad's application screen without this app. Without CyDelete, one would have to launch Cydia and uninstall app through the menus. With the advent of CyDelete, however, Cydia packages can now be removed like any App Store applications- hold down the icon, wait for them to start wiggling, and tap the X. What was once cumbersome is now integrated into the standard iOS workflow. It is a lightweight MobileSubstrate plug-in that only works in Wiggle Mode. CyDelete will not remove applications that are not managed by Cydia. CyDelete will also not remove Cydia itself, for safety reasons. There is no icon for this feature; access the app information in the extensions area in the Settings app. This app is free.


    MultiIconMover is a pretty cool mod (there is no app icon) that allows for a quick and easy way to rearrange multiple icons at one. Once installed, you can to go into the normal “wiggle” move mode. Once in wiggle mode, just tap on the icons you would like to move. When you tap on an icon a check mark will appear on it (you can tap the icon again to remove the check mark). You can then scroll to the page on your Springboard in which you would like to move the icons and tap the Home Button. This will move the selected icons to that page on your Springboard. Just tap the Home Button again to stop the wiggle mode. There is no icon for this nor is there an area in the Settings app to configure; it simply works in the wiggle mode. For the Jailbreakers, just click on over to the Cydia app, search for MultiIconMover and install this free app.


    Activator is a MobileSubstrate plug-in that allow you to control how functions or apps are launched. Is the "print screen" function difficult for you to do? Change it with Activator; make holding down the up volume button do it instead. If I pinch my fingers together on the icon screen, the setting app will launch - thanks to Activator. If I spread my fingers apart, on the same screen, it will launch the App store. If I double click the power button, it will do yet another function. Sliding my finger on the time text at the top center of my screen will bring up another app. Activator makes your iPad do what it does based on how you like it, not Apple. There is no icon for this feature; access the app setting in the extensions in the Settings app.


    Poof is one of my favorite apps and I never even use it much. There are apps that have private content, are not kid-friendly or maybe not boss-friendly (if it is their device). Poof makes apps disappear from the app icon screens. They like disappear (poof) into thin air. Well not quite, they are visible only by going to the spotlight (search) screen and typing the letters of the app's name. You Poof what you want to hide, it could be a Karmasultra app, Bible app, financial app or even the app store so the kids (or spouse) can't buy any new apps. To do so, simply launch the Poof app and find the appropriate app and toggle to "off". In Poof, apps that are "on" are displayed on the app launcher screens. Those switched to "off" will not display there; however, they will appear in the search screen results. There is an icon; however, it can be hidden as well. This app is free.

    Tab+ for the Safari browser on iPad

    You may not have noticed it, but Apple has limited the number of tabs you can have opened in Safari. To tackle this, a developer has created Tab+ which allows you to have more than the limited 9 tabs opened in Safari. The hack was made for the iPad; however, it also works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. To install you must have a Jailbroken device. The latest Jailbreak is Greenpoi0n and works on all the iOS devices (including the iPad) up until the current 4.2.1 firmware. Installation is very simply. Open up Cydia, search for Tab+ and install it! There is no icon for this nor is there an area in the Settings app to configure; it simply works inside Safari. The app is Free.


    SBSettings is a helpful "app" that let you easily change certain iPad settings. SBSettings can be accessed from almost anywhere on the iPhone/iPod by sliding a finger across the top status bar. SBSettings can allow you to change settings such as toggle WiFi, toggle Bluetooth or brightness. It allows you to all the date, IP address and Wi-Fi router name to the status bar. I use this app the most to change the brightness without leaving the app that I am currently in. Even with Apple’s icon status bar feature, it is still faster to change the brightness with SBSettings. There is no icon for this feature; access the app information in the extensions area in the Settings app. The app is Free.


    There are videos that will want to download so that you can view them without being connected to the Internet. I download training videos that I can view offline. Sometimes I don't want to deal with the video buffering issues, so I download them and then view them later buffer free.
    MiTube is an app that allows you to download YouTube videos to be played anytime on your iPad even when you don't have Internet (Wi-Fi). It is a separate app from the stock YouTube app and you have to view the videos from MiTube. There is an icon for this app. The app is Free.


    Infiniboard for iPad let you vertically scroll your home screen pages. Using Infiniboard you can add as many icons as you want on each page, and access them through a flick up and down. There is no icon for this feature; access the app setting in the extensions in the Settings app. The app is $0.99 in the Cydia app store.


    FullForce for iPad is jailbreak app that will automatically format iPhone apps to the resolution of the iPad without the distortion of the 2x zoom. Anyone who owns an iPad knows that all the apps you had for your iPhone will run on the iPad, and you can magnify the iPhone screen, but it not a good look. FullForce tries to solve this issue. Fullforce works through your settings app, under the Extensions section. FullForce lists all your apps and you can toggle them on or off. There are still compatibility issues with a lot of apps, but if you can use it for a couple of app, then it is worth the effort. Some common apps that I noticed will format well with FullForce are Bank of America, Facebook, Beejive, Reeder and Stanza. Some I noticed that didn’t work were apps such as Talking Carl, Brain Challenge and Doodle Jump.
    The developers have a running list of compatible apps and issues going in a shared Google docs spreadsheet you can access and edit through Cydia with a Google login. There is no icon for this feature; access the app information in the extensions area in the Settings app. This app is free.


    If you have an iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter for your iPad to watch videos or slideshows on a external monitor or TV. If you are like me, the thought has crossed your mind as to why Apple wouldn’t allow everything displayed on your iPad to be shown on the external screen. It is weird that Apple’s iPad can display everything that the iPad displays when they do their presentations to persuade us to buy an iPad, but don’t allow us to do the same when we buy the iPad and the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter. There is a tweak is called “DisplayOut” that will allow us to do just that. It is only for jailbroken iPads, and is now available in Cydia. You can adjust your output resolution, orientation, refresh rate, and the scale. If you are an owner of an iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, then this is a no-brainer purchase. There is no icon for this feature; access the app information in the extensions area in the Settings app. This app is $1.99.

    Safari Download Plug-in

    Now this is just amazingly cool. Once installed, it allows you to download data off the Internet and store it on your iPad’s local disk at /var/mobile/Library/Downloads folder. The Safari Download Plug-in allows files like .mp4 and .zip to be downloaded. There is no icon for this nor is there an area in the Settings app to configure; it simply works inside Safari. The app is Free.


    Now that you have files that are stored on the iPad like movies, songs, zip files in the /var/mobile/Library/Downloads folder; how do you access them? You can access these files with an app like iFile. Looks like the Jailbroken iPad could stand in for your desktop computer for handling file transfers. Some people have gotten a flash drive to mount to the iPad using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. With the help of iFile (Cydia File Browser App) they can also browse the content of the Flash Drive. I don’t have the camera connection kit, so I can’t vouch for that, but it helps me manage the files that I download with the Safari Download Plug-in.


    This app will backup your Cydia installed app list. This does not back up your actual apps or apps settings. But it is close. It will make a list of everything you installed from Cydia and back that up. When you restore, it will reinstall all the packages in one step. The list is stored with other settings files and backed up with iTunes. After you restore your iPhone and restore your device from the backup in iTunes, run the restore function here and it should find and restore your apps. I used this after being previously Jailbroken before updating to iOS 4.2.1 and having to re-JailBreak after the update. There is an icon. This app is free.


    Backgrounder is an awesome app that lets you puts apps in the background. It gives you the multitasking ability. Apple finally added background audio support for some apps like Pandora, but it doesn't support all apps. If you find yourself needing to listen to apps that are not supported by Apple, this will do it. Once installed, just press and hold the "Home" button while in an app to exit with the sound and app in the background. To exit or disable this, launch the app again and press and hold the home button again. There is an icon for this, but you can use the Settings app to configure. Free.


    I hope that my favorite Cydia apps for iPad 4.2.1 list will help you make a decision about what to do with your JailBroken iPad. Maybe it may even convince you that JailBreaking is worth considering. Either way, these Cydia apps have made my iPad even more of a pleasure to use.

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Top Tablet Comparison: iPad vs. Xoom vs. TouchPad vs. PlayBook

    February 10, 2011

    The cream of the tablet crop is now four devices strong: the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom and HP TouchPad will all compete for dominance. How do they stack up?
    For nearly a year since Apple launched the iPad, everyone's been clamoring for viable competitors to the great tablet device. Customers want choices, and manufacturers want their slice of the booming tablet market. Some decent options, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, have come out (along with a lot of not-so-decent ones), but in the last couple of months we've been shown what the cream of the tablet crop looks like.
    At the top of the tablet market, fighting for dominance, are four manufacturers, making four tablets that each run different operating systems. At the head of the list, of course, remains the Apple iPad. It's dominating the market, and with the iPad 2 likely due to arrive in a matter of weeks, it could take another leap ahead. Coming up fast behind it, though, are the Motorola Xoom, the HP TouchPad, and the BlackBerry PlayBook, all of which appear poised to make significant waves in the tablet pool.
    The Motorola Xoom is a 10.1-inch tablet (slightly larger than the iPad) and is the first device running Android 3.0 "Honeycomb," the tablet-optimized version of Google's popular Android operating system. Android, and by extension the Xoom, still suffers from a lack of apps that look good on larger screens, but the Xoom's hardware is solid, and Honeycomb looks to be a giant leap in the right direction for Android tablets.
    RIM, always a business-centered company, is launching the BlackBerry PlayBook with both professionals and consumers in mind. Sporting a 7-inch screen, it's decidedly more pocket-friendly than the iPad or the Xoom. BlackBerry smartphone owners can use their phone's 3G or 4G connection to get online with the PlayBook. It runs a brand-new operating system, one that will allow developers to build apps using Java, Flash, Adobe Air, and other technologies. That means we could see a lot of apps, particularly cross-platform ones, for the PlayBook.
    The newcomer to the tablet party is HP's TouchPad. The 9.7-incher, available this summer, runs WebOS—the fruits of HP's $1.2 billion purchase of Palm last year. The operating system looks ideal for a tablet, with the card-based system that so many people liked on the Palm Pre. The tablet looks almost exactly like the iPad, but sports some unique features, like a touchstone capacitive charger, and the ability to tap a Palm phone and send information back and forth between the devices. HP is at an enormous app disadvantage, though, and it remains to be seen if it can convince developers to build apps for the TouchPad like they have for the iPad and Android-based tablets.
    Over the last couple of months it seems we may have finally seen what great tablets are going to look like in the near future. How things will shake out among the competitors remains to be seen, but it certainly appears that tablet buyers will finally have several excellent options. See how the big four stack up side-by-side in the chart.

    Top Tablet Comparison: iPad vs. Xoom vs. TouchPad vs. PlayBook | By David Pierce for,2817,2380049,00.asp

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