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Using Adobe's Flash Content on the iPad

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Thanks for the information it just that sometime I would like to see some TV programs that uses flash or news cast that uses flash and I cannot get,  that is the reason why i wanted it.

People sit on very firm sides of the fence on this issue.  I have Jailbroken my iPad and I use a program called Frash that displays Flash sites. Many of the sites that I use have Flash content that is not ads or useless information, but rather relevant information that would otherwise be missed or unusable on my iPad.  While I don't play any of the Facebook Flash games, my son has played the Facebook Flash game called Farmville on my iPad with Frash.   

The Frash is totally a beta versions and a bit buggy.  There are times that the web site crashes the Safari and I have to restart Safari, but thus restart takes a few seconds so it is not a big deal.  The app makes the Flash content optional so you only see the Flash content you wish to see.  It sometimes gets an error on certain Flash content and even make certain content that would otherwise be viewable on the iPad, like an embedded Youtube video, unusable.

There are times that I uninstall the Frash app. I have developed a method that allows me to install and uninstall it within seconds.  I install it when I know I will be using Flash related content like during my Fantasy NFL football season. 

So the answer is that with a stock iPad, you can not access Flash without jumping through hoops like Skyfire or other similar products.  Jailbreaking the iPad allows yet another option.   Currently only pre 4.x iPads are Jail-breakable.  Those with 4.x iOS iPads will have to wait until the Jailbreakers catch up to the latest version.       


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