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Music for Working out with a Connected iOS Device like iPad or iPhone

On Jan 27, 2011, at 8:49 PM, "Sherry T." wrote:

Can someone tell me in "baby" steps how to add music to the IPod program on my IPhone?  I want to order some walking music CD's to listen to when I'm out walking to exercise.  I want actual walking music that is set to a certain tempo to get your heart rate where it should burn calories so I don't want to listen to regular music CDs.  Does anyone know of walking music that can be purchased from iTunes?

Like you I want to have upbeat music to walk to.  I used load my iPod up with music from my CD collection. Using iTunes, you can insert a CD and have the program rip the music to your library.  Then using the Genius feature, you can create playlists from upbeat songs to make a list of songs that can be used for working out.  This works fine for existing music collections.  Alternatively you buy a few songs from the iTunes store and do the same things to create playlists. 

Because many devices like the iPhone and iPad are connected to the Internet, you have other options for your listening pleasures.  If you have a data plan on your iPhone, I would suggest trying Pandora Radio (iPad App Link or iPhone App Link).  Pandora allows you to create 100 stations.  To create a station, you just start with a song, artist or composer's name.  I would suggest trying a song like "All I ever wanted" by Basshunter (Album Link) or by using Basshunter to create a station.  Use the thumbs down icon to eliminate songs that don't maintain the beat speeds you like.

I workout at my clubhouse which has free wireless Internet. Using my iPad, iPod Touch or Android Smartphone, I listen to Pandora stations that have created to keep me motivated to keep moving. Like Netflix (iPhone App Link or iPad App Link), Pandora exists on every connected device I have: TV, computers, iPad, iPod Touch and Smartphone (waiting for Netflix for Android).
Try it and let me know how it works out. 



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