Saturday, January 22, 2011

iPad Secrets and Commonly Missed Tips

There are some things that can be missed by newbies and veterans alike when using the iPad. 

I would like to share a couple and hope that you would do the same.

Here are a few tricks to make using the iPad better.

1. How to take a snapshot of whatever is on the iPad screen. Press the home button and the power button at the same time and release them together as well.  You will hear a flash sound.  The screen shot can be found in the Photos app under "Saved Photos".  App to be in for this tip: Any app.

2. Quickly return to top of web page in Safari.  When viewing a web page, you mostly scroll down the page as you read the content.  Many pages have navigation button or menu near the top that you may want to return to.  To quickly return to top of web page in Safari, click any where on the status bar at the top edge of the screen (where the time and battery indicators are).  The page will jump instantly to the top of the page. App to be in for this tip: Safari app. 

3.  Quickly move from subject line to body when creating an email message.  After you type the subject in an email, it is natural to tap inside the body of the email to move from the subject line to the body field, but there is a faster way.  As you finish typing the subject's text, simple press the "return" button and the cursor will jump to the body field.  This allows you to continue to type in a continuous fashion within your message.  No need to interrupt your flow to tap the screen.  App to be in for this tip: Email app.

4.  What is today's date?  Since the status bar only shows the time, you have to rely on the calendar app to see what today's date is.  Since the app's icon automatically displays the current date, you don't have to launch the app to see the date.  If you keep the calendar app on the main page of the home screen or in the icon tray (that is constant from every page of the home screens), then you can quickly see the date with a single or double click (if you are in an app already) of the home button.  App to be in for this tip: Home screen(s) app.

5.  The icon tray (available from the bottom of all home screens) can hold more than the default number of icons loaded at the time of purchase.  By default there are 4 icons in the tray.  If you want to add an additional app to the tray, simply press down on the desired app's icon until it wiggles.  While it is wiggling, drag the icon to the tray.  Press the home button to stop the icons from wiggling. The tray will hold 6 icons for quick access. App to be in for this tip: Home screen(s) app.

6.  Quick return to main home screen.  As you may be aware, there are 11 home screens to hold your apps in.  They appear automatically after the previous screen fills with 20 app icons or if you slide an icon app (after holding it until it wiggles) off the screen to the right.  I have 11 screens and I often make innocent bystanders get dizzy when I try to zip quickly through the pages to get back to the main screen. To get back to the home screen, without making yourself or others dizzy, simply click the home button once to jump to the main home screen.  

Is there a secret within a secret? Yes, there is really an 12 app icon screen.  It is the search home screen.  I know some of you are thinking, "This not a home screen!". But it is!  Because the home screen is limited to a certain number of apps and number of screens, any app not shown in the fixed home screens has to found and launched from the search home screen.  To get to the 12 screen, either flick main screen to the right or double tap the home button to see the search screen. App to be in for this tip: Home screen(s) app.  Using folders, in iOS 4.x.x, can help to reduce the number of home screens needed or the number of apps that have to be launched from the search screen.   

I am sure you learned at least one new trick. Check out my list of 20 Essential iPad apps. I hope to learn from you are well. What are some of your iPad tips and iPad secrets?   


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