Friday, January 14, 2011

Changing Viewing Habits through Hulu, Netflix and ABC Player

I received the advertising from Apple about their huge selection of content rentals.  I would love to access it, but it is too restrictive.  I have to buy an Apple TV device to enjoy it on my big screen TV.  I hope Apple allows their content to be steamed to more devices like my TV through a home theater box, Wii, Xbox, etc.  I like the Neflix model; I don't care how you watch as long as you pay me to watch it.  

I have never been a fan of buying VHS, DVD or now Blue-Ray movies, because there are only a hand few of movies I can sit watch over and over.  I have Netflix and will sometimes rip a DVD for a long trip.  Since I have a maxed out 16GB iPad, I can only fix one movie on at any given time. Now that I have switched from DVD to Blue-Ray on my Netflix account, I don't yet have a rip solution for that format.  So I will have to investigate Blue-Ray to iPad converters apps soon, as I have a flight to Las Vegas in May. 

I really enjoy Netflix.  My wife and I often keep a single disc on hand for weeks or even longer. Having young children, it is difficult to watch many movies on the 50 inch TV with surround sound because they possibly could hear screams, cursing, scary music or other sounds while they are sleeping. So the discs may be held until it is appropriate to be watched. 

What I love most is the streaming movie function of Netflix. I watch it on my iPod Touch, iPad, Wii, and home theater system.  It is the most versatile entertainment tool we have.  I always subscribe to basic or extended cable without movie channels, because they never have anything I want to watch or at least never at the time I want to want it. With my new service, I have Showtime free for 2 years.  8 standard res channels and 6 of those same channels in HD.  Nothing ever good is on them (I did catch a series called "Look" that was interesting.   I most likely will cancel the free channels well in advance so I don't have to deal with forgetting and then paying for a month when the free plan ends.  Of course I could use the DVR to record the shows if I wanted to hunt down the broadcast time to schedule it.

Netflix has been my "Movie Channel" since 2004.  I choose what I want to watch and when I want to watch it. Now I am ready for the Netflix of broadcast TV.  Netflix doesn't have many TV programs yet.  The ABC Player app for iPad is great.  I like a few shows on ABC, so I can watch them when I want. I never watch any of these shows on TV, but rather on my iPad. It would be great to have this same app available on my TV or for TV simply to be available for viewing when I want to watch the particular programs I want to watch them. There is the Hulu app for the iPad which do allow more TV content for a monthly fee.  I understand that we are not there yet, because broadband or high speed internet is not yet available for everyone.  I also understand that the broadcast networks don't get it yet, because even ABC (who is far ahead than most of the other networks) still hadn't figured out how to monetize the broadcasts correctly.  They often show the saw commercials over and over or simply promote their own shows.  Clearly the advertisers don't all get either and that is why ABC and Hulu may not get enough advertisers to properly monetize the shows.      

I am counting the days until I will be able to turn on my device, whether is my TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, game console, etc, and watch the the news, my documentaries, my game shows, my favorite talk shows, my choice of sitcoms, or new release movies free of broadcast schedules.  Not free to view, but freedom to view from my device of choice, I would pay a single monthly amount to have programming available on all of my devices. 

What do you think? Do you use these apps? Would you like to have more access to broadcast programs on the iPad? Would you replace a portion of your cable or satellite TV bill to afford this flexibility?         


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