Monday, January 3, 2011

Carrying the iPad on a daily basis

On Jan 2, 2011, at 5:32 PM, Nicole Mathisen wrote "I have an iPad and it fits in my purse. It's actually a net book bag, but it works well for me."

Nicole, don't call my net book bag a purse or man purse. It a computer bag :)

I love the size of the iPad. The screen size is perfect for doing all of the things I do on the go. I have visited my local Best Buy store and played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet and I do not like 7" format at all. Anything smaller, could be carried easier, but it just wouldn't be worth it. It's like telling a person with a 65" flat screen LED TV, that the 13" TV is easier to be moved, mounted, etc. It just doesn't compare, nor does it make sense to make the argument. Size does matter and we therefore make the proper adjustments to accommodate the size.

So how do I carry my iPad around with me on a daily basis? Well it depends. I wear a suit on most days, so it is fitting that my iPad has a more formal look most of the time. I have "The Wallet" by Happy Owl Studio, which allows my iPad case to carry my iPad as well as my essential wallet items. Additionally it holds my MiFi card from Sprint, so my Wifi only iPad can get online when I am outside a Wifi hotspot. The Wallet case is about the size of a traditional leather day planner binder that you would get from Franklin.

So my "Wallet" gets carried like a day planner most of the time. There all additional items that I carry daily that does not fit in my wallet case, so I have Samsonite netbook case. It is made of the traditional rugged material that a laptop bag would be made of.

I typically carry the following items in the Samonite bag: a 500 GB USB hard drive, a Logitech Bluetooth mini keyboard, a Flip Mini video camera, a Bluetooth mouse, a spare battery with a charging case for my Samsung Epic smartphone, a power cord for the iPad, a power cord for all my Micro USB devices, my Plantronic Backbeat 903 Bluetooth headset, microfiber cloth for cleaning the iPad, iPad to VGA adapter, and Altoids Small to name most of the items.

Once I stuff my Wallet case with the iPad, the bag becomes pretty plump. It is hard not to mistake my net book for a man purse. While it looks like a laptop bag, in regards to the material, its smallness and its plumpness quickly morphs the normally sharp laptop-like corners of the case into a curvy man purse. The main reason I even tote around the bag is so that I have the additional gear when I need it AND so I can occasionally use the shoulder strap to allow me to carry the iPad handsfree. While it is rare that I need to have both hands free, there are those times. Having the bag to put the iPad in prevents me from laying it down and losing it.

The only thing that save me from looking like I'm carrying a man purse is that I have on a suit. The computer bag is very formal, very business like, so it works. The days that I dress business formal or casual are the days that the computer bags looks more like a man purse, because it is formal while I am not. So I purchased a Scottevest Essential Travel Jacket to wear when I dress casual. The jacket has 19 pockets so I can carry everything in the jacket, including the iPad (in the Wallet case). I can leave the computer bag at home and have my gear with me. More importantly, I can slip iPad and case into the Pubpocket and have my hands free to do this things that have to be done without fear of leaving my iPad sitting somewhere.

I wouldn't trade my iPad's size for anything smaller, and thanks to my carrying accessories, I don't have to.


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