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Buy an iPad now or wait for newest iPad

On Jan 11, 2011, at 9:48 PM, "steven06002" wrote:

Do I buy an iPad now or wait for the iPad 2? I'm being told that the new iPad will have a camera and a mini usb port. I have the opportunity to buy a 36wifi for $499. 

Also do I want 3G? I have a driod w/ 3G.

I had the same question a year ago this month when the current iPad was announced. I like you, wanted to wait. I knew the second iPad would have all the things that the iPhone and iPod Touch have now but didn't then.  Then it was a hard decision.  Today is a little easier. You may be able to Wait. 

When I bought my first Apple the iPod Touch G1, I had the same decision to make.  I chose buy. I should have a waited. About 2 months after I bought the iPod Touch, the Gen 2 iPod Touch came out.  Those who waited could play games and listen to their sound WITHOUT headphones. Since then the Gen 3 was released and now had the two cameras as well. That was my biggest complaint with the iPod Touch; why no camera?  At a time when people took more pictures with their phone then they did with a independent digital camera.  See at that time their was no App store.  Now the App store means more money from camera related apps.  Yes, the new iPad will have to have cameras. 

The argument about a real for cameras where made about those built into cellphones and smartphones - time had proven that people will use them as they will with cameras in the iPad 2.

I have the 16GB iPad because I couldn't wait.  I think I waited until the end of May versus April when it was first available for purchase. I use it with a Mifi device for Internet connectivity. My brother has an iPad and uses his Droid as his Internet device for his iPad. Either way, you have a separate device that has a battery that will not last as long as the iPad's battery will.  So you have to consider that as well.  Maybe you don't need that data plan in the Droid once you get an iPad 3G. A mini USB is not as important, even though every it her device I carry has one. Sure it would nice to carry a single plug that could charge my iPad, smartphone, Mifi and Bluetooth headset - but it not a deal breaker. If it has a full-size USB port so I could connect my 500 USB hard rive to my iPad then I would leap with joy. If I could hook up and watch one of the many movies I have on the drive from my iPad or listen to the thousands of music I have on it.  Even to move pictures between the two, that would be fantastic.

Your decision would have been easier if Apple had announced something at last week's CES show in Las Vegas, but they didn't. They have it ready, but will not use the trump card until it suits them. They didn't want to be just one of the hundred companies talking about a new tablet at CES. 

They will milk the Verizon iPhone deal for a long as they can, with another carrier as a backup plan to build suspense for marketing that works so well. They will not talk about the new iPad until someone is ready to sell their new tablet. Then they will set in motion their product to steal their thunder. Nobody knows the time frame exactly.  If the Motorola tablet or anything that Apple sees as a real threat come out first, they most likely will use their card.  They have a release plan that really is independent of other tablets, but the market is too new for anyone including Apple to predict exactly. Because of this, the timeframe has too many holes to be certain.

You have to ask yourself, is the usefulness of the device such that it will have life in your household beyond you?  Many people have multiple iPod touch, iPhones and iPads in their home.  If that is the case, as it was with me, then getting an iPad today is not completely crazy.     

I still have a use and purpose for my Gen 1 iPod Touch as I will for my iPad 16GB when it is replaced with the new one.  It will have usefulness well beyond this old desktops and laptops we have had in the past. It is not an easy decision, but which ever way you chose you have to be ready to live with decision without regret (or sell the old one on eBay for a discount on the new one).   


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