Monday, December 27, 2010

Scottevest Essential Travel Jacket that can hold my iPad (in case), Smartphone and more

As a Gadget lover, I love clothes with pockets. Deep pockets that things won’t fall out of. Pockets with strong zippers where I can stash a passport, cash and credit cards knowing they will stay there securely.

Travel-worthy clothes with such pockets are hard to find which is why I am such a fan of the clothes offerings from Scottevest.

I personally travels with my Scottevest’s Essential Jacket (see video below). The Essential is made of strong, breathable, lightweight material that’s water resistant and dries quickly. It also has 19 pockets! Among them:

• A BudPocket inside the front collar designed especially for earbud headphones.

• A PubPocket sized specifically for a map or travel guidebook. (It is holding a Wired magazine in the x-ray photo, above). This pocket also perfectly fits an Apple iPad (see our review on Scottevest’s iPad compatibility here).

• An interior pocket that can be subdivided to keep fragile gear from smashing together.

Other pockets are designed for pens, camera memory cards and documents. One of the outer pockets has an elastic band for holding a water bottle in place, another has a removable sunglass lens cloth. And all these pockets use Scottevest’s proprietary NoBulge construction that maintains a streamlined look to your jacket even when it is loaded with travel gear.

Now when I get to the security area at the airport, I just slip my jacket off and all of my gear go through at once. The best part is I don't have to fish through the bucket to retrieve all of my gadget anymore.

I have wanted one for ten years and now I finally got one. I will be getting a couple pairs of the Travel pants and the TEC shirts too.

Essential Travel Jacket for Men as an accessory for the Apple iPad 

They have daily sales on random products, or you can use the 2ndlook coupon code to take 10% off the order total.

Check them out at 


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