Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Your ONE Favorite App and ONE Favorite Accessory?

If we all shared our iPad with each other, we would no doubt see that we all have a lot of the same apps on your device.  We would also discover something new as well, because there are thousands of apps available for the iPad and iPhone. 

We may have apps that we are just trying, that we have for other people, maybe a few apps that we simply loaded because we had it on our iPod Touch or iPhone (but never use on the iPad).  Some people have just the essentials apps and nothing more, while others (like me) have the maximum number of apps possible for displaying and have to delete some in order for the new ones to show up.  

With this being the case, there are those people who use an app they can't live without!

What is the SINGLE app that you can't live without?  I know it is hard, but just name ONE.  We all know email, web browsing and picture apps are important to a lot of us, so we ignore the built-in or stock apps (unless you haven't loaded a single extra or 3rd-party app)?  Not one game app and one photography app and one productivity app; one single app you can't live without.  Provide your reason for that app if you like.   

For those who just have to share something more, please share your accessory that you can't live without.

For me the ONE app is...

LogMeIn Ignition

From their website "One touch on your iPhone or iPad lets you remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime. So you never have to worry about leaving anything behind. Directly control your desktop, all your apps and all your files – like that important presentation for your boss or that important photo album for your mom – with a simple touch."

Find out more about LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone/iPad from the Apple iTunes App Store 

This product and the iPad has literally changed how and when I am able to do my job as well as conduct my personal business. I couldn't imagine going back to the old way of doing things ever again.  The long battery of the iPad and the easy of this app has made my life and job duties a breeze.
For me the ONE accessory is...

My case with built-in stand.  The built-in stand makes using this device possible in many instances where I would be able to do it comfortably. It protects it.  It holds my cleaning cloth which is mandatory.  It even keeps my Pogo Stylus handy.  I don't know how people use one (often) without a case that includes a stand. 


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