Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some of the reasons I chose to Jailbreak my iPad

Jailbreaking was not an option for me at all.  I outline many of the simple additions in my prior post at http://www.iamthereforeipad.com/2010/06/why-you-might-want-to-jailbreak-your.html

The backgrounder or multitasking function is the major reason for me to Jailbreak.  I don't download and sync podcasts to my device because it consumes space and I listen to many. I listen to podcasts via Stitcher radio and like to do so as I surf, read emails or read news items. I also do the same tasks as I listen to Pandora which allows me not to sync many music files. I listen to Audible books as well as the Audiobooks app for digital books.  

I hate having to stay in these apps to listen to audio content.  I missed so bad when I was un-jailbroken for a week or two. If you never had it, I would imagine you don't know what you don't know you are missing. I have this function on my Palm Pre so I enjoyed it there. I now use my phone for a phone and the battery lasts a little more because of this offloading to the iPad. 

The second thing is the SBSettings which let me turn on and off certain settings in addition to quick access to other settings like Brightness.  I have to adjust the brightness all day as I move from outside and to locations that make the brightness levels change.  Having the ability to change the brightness without leaving the app is huge.

MultiIconMover is needed if you ever have to rearrange icons. After trying to drag one icon to just one screen over more than once and you will appreciate this simple tool. 

The reality is that these are simple things but they make life so much simpler. They should be included by Apple, but not. We all know the multitasking is coming but no clue on the others.   

The other advance things I use Jailbreak for are not mentioned in the prior post include:


I use my iPad as a presentation tool for my home based business.

I hook my iPad to a projector to display my presentation (using keynotes), play my video presentation, play my music before and after the event and to surf the web to display products and sign up business partners and customers. 

Btmouse let's me use a bluetooth mouse with the iPad in this scenario which is wonderful as I am not sitting near the device. 

btkeyboard allows me to use the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard together. With the stock iPad, you can only use a Bluetooth keyboard. This allows me to use both mouse and keyboard at ine time. 

Displayout allows me to project everything on my iPad, not just the few apps feels I should want to project. Anything I show on the iPad can be displayed on a monitor or projector with Displayout.   

Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy


  1. Is there a way to connect the iPad to a vga monitor without jailbreaking?

  2. Without Jailbreaking, you are limited by Apple as to what you can display on the external monitor. It makes no sense to restrict it, but they do.

  3. Hey Carl! Very good information. i just jail broke my ipod using spiritjb.com website u recommended. I was looking for a movie app I can download movies to my itouch.

    - Arletta


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