Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slightly OT - Getting an Android phone - Samsung Epic

I have been a loyal Palm guy from day one. I have had Palm devices and Palm phone since both PDAs and Smartphones were available from them.

I nearly bought a HTC Hero just before the Palm Pre was announced. I elected to wait and get it. While it has done everything it promised, it has not grown much beyond that promise. The WebOS apps have not grown at the same pace as iOS and Android apps.

As a happy iPad owner, I naturally I enjoy what Apple has created with the App Store and allowed developers to create for our devices.

Truth be told, the iPad does so much that I would truly get by with just a texting and phone call making phone. My Palm Pre gets little use outside those functions except for the Sprint Navigation app to help me locate and navigate to new locations.

As the technology guy, I have to think not only of myself but for the other managers that use their cellular phones for their daily communications. Many do not have a laptop and our company has not quite bought the idea of paying for iPads for us yet. So the phones their main tool for communications.

They have been hearing about the iPhone a lot and have been asking for them for a while, but we love Sprint and don't see any change of carrier in our immediate future because many of use have Grandfathered into unlimited Internet for our cellular modems (USB or MIFI).

The boss, who has typically been against smartphones, has changed her mind after having a Palm Centro for 2 years. She now has the HTC Evo and loves it. I thought she would have a problem because it doesn't have a physical keyboard, but she says that the voice controls works so well that she does not miss it. She can call people with her voice, as well as send a text message with her voice as well. She loves it.

So based on her excitement, the other gals we already to get the HTC Evo. Then they started to think about the lack of keyboard and decided that they would rather have it. They looked at the Samsung Epic and decided this has what they need.

My findings have led to this belief, whatever Smartphone people get first tends to be the one they remain loyal to. Because whether it is Blackberry, Palm, Apple, Android or whatever, they typically can do things (email, web surf, text, play, work, etc) in such a way thaf they have never done before.

But a day comes when the lure of the newness starts to pull at their loyalties. The more they hear about those great phones that their family and friends are bragging about, the more they are curious. I have been sought after by my best friend to get into Android for a while now. He would say it was great, but could never provide and significant data to justify his belief. I knew it was just "first timers lust".

I know that Google is priming Android to be a contender to Apple's iOS so as a techie, I have to start taking it serious. I have to have some hands on experience to see if the lust is justified or not. The gals at the office has given be a reason and a vehicle to learn more. So next week, on August 31, the Samsung Epic will be released on Sprint and shortly afterwards I should be an official Android user.

Android and WebOS will begin to surface in the tablet wars, so I should know as much about them all as the near future devices will include them and I need to know how to support them.

I'll keep you all posted.


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