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Does the iPad have an USB port?

On Aug 13, 2010, at 8:19 AM, Rebecca C. wrote:

Since I haven't had my Ipad very long I am still learning----and have really learned so much from this group so a big thanks to all of you for that. Having said that--a friend of mine ask me a question so I'm passing it along to all you because I don't know the answer. Does the Ipad have a USB port??? I know it has only one port where you charge it and/or use the camera accessory kit----so is there an accessory for a USB that I don't know about????

This is a question I am asked often as well.  The question is not a simple question, nor is the answer.  The question that I always ask next is "What task are you looking to accomplish with the USB port?"

See people think that the USB is important, when in fact the task is what is important.

Let's examine what an USB port might be used for on a desktop.

The USB port can be used to connect a mouse to a desktop.  There is no need to connect a mouse to the iPad, although it can be done on a Jailbroken iPad via Bluetooth.  On the iPad, your finger is the mouse.

The USB port can be used to connect a keyboard to a desktop.  This can be done via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth keyboard with the stock iPad.

The USB port can be used to connect an USB camera to a desktop for video conferencing.  This is not available on the iPad. It may appear on the Gen 2 iPad. 

The USB port can be used to connect a camera to a desktop to import pictures from a camera.  Apple sells an optional camera kit that plugs into the iPad.  The kit contains two pieces, one that allows the the camera's USB cable to connect to the iPad for importing of pictures from the camera.  Some have already reported that they use a USB keyboard with this dongle too. 

The other piece connects to the iPad and allows a SD card from a camera to connect for the same function. A smaller mini-SD or MicroSD cards can be used with the SD sled that is often shipped with these smaller cards. 

The USB port can be used to connect an USB flash or thumb drive to a desktop to allow data to be portable and usable. This is the biggest reason people have used to objected getting an iPad. People they think they have to use an USB drive.  They don't.  The drive is not important, it is just a means to the end.  They like the flash drive so that they can access the data from multiple computers (PC, Mac, laptop, work computer, etc). Before the flash drive, they use to email the files back and forth.  There are new ways to do the same with iPad. iFile is an app store app that makes your iPad a flash drive.

I personally use Google Docs to keep my files secure and available for all my connected devices. 

Finally,  the other reason they as is they don't understand that the iPad connects to their desktop via the desktop's USB port so that they can transfer backup and forth the essential files like music, video, pictures, etc from the iPad. 

Once they have this explained they typically feel better about how it works and can again consider adding it to their life.

Check out this application on the App Store:

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iFile (file storage, document viewer)


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