Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is the Legality of Apple's latest move?

Apple recently upgraded the iPad's OS to 3.2.1 to fix some issues including the long reported WiFi issue. What they did not disclose is they fixed a hole in the OS that allowed the iPad to be Jailbroken by a process wildly known and distributed at While I don't have sa problem with them fixing the OS in any way that they feel fit to improve the OS, I do question their authority to delete applications from my iPad.

After upgrading to 3.2.1, I quickly discovered that it not only plugged the hole that allowed it to be Jailbroken, the process had also deleted several application (some of which I paid money for). They deleted Cydia, Mouse btstack, Keyboard btstack, categories and other application. How is this possible? How is this legal? Why you may be

I purchased my iPad, I was not issued it as an Apple supplied tool. If it was a device owned by Apple for me to use as an employee of Apple, I could see them having the right to delete items from it. They have no right to delete my applications, but they did just that. I can understand if they patched the hole and made my Jailbroken applications no longer function, but to delete them without cause or warning is criminal. If Microsoft pulled a move like this on our desktop, the authorities would be on their heads so fast it wouldn't be funny. What if Microsoft updated Windows 7 and then deleted any applications it thought were illegally obtained and loaded? Would you be alarmed? Why is Apple allow to do so? Jailbreaking is NOT illegal, nor are the applications that I purchased for my Jailbroken iPad. Even if they both were illegal, who has authorized Apple to be judge, jury and executor of the applications that offended it?

What is the point of this move? Do they have a right to prohibit me from playing my Pandora in the background as I read my mail or surf the web? Should they decide that I shouldn't be able to organize my applications into categories? Should they decide if I can select several icons at once so I can quickly organize my icons on my launch screens? Who gave them the authority to stop me from launching SBSettings and changing my brightness without leaving my applications, searching for their Settings application to do so? Are they right to prohibit me from using my Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse together on MY iPad?

Some of these features will be available if and when Apple makes iOS 4.x available for the iPad. Why stop us from using our iPad to fullest before they release iOS 4?

What are your thoughts? Should Apple me able to delete applications from our idevices that they deem as unacceptable?


Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy

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