Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TouchRetouch HD Makes Everyone a Professional Photo Editor in Seconds

I came across a new iPad app, called TouchRetouch HD, that made the following claim:

"TouchRetouch HD is really easy to use: just make a picture with the camera (iPhone version)  or select one from your gallery and you are ready to go. Mark unwanted content with your finger using "Brush"or "Lasso" tool and remove it easily by hitting "Go" button. Save it to your gallery and you are done. That's it. Photo editing has never been so easy before."

I was skeptical so I wanted to learn more. I love the fact that they have videos that show you how to use the product.

Watch video tutorials for usage examples and ideas.
Here is what their website lists as features.

  - In-app video tutorials
  - Unlimited Undo\Redo actions
  - Smart image background recovery techniques
  - No distortions in final image
  - Easy to use interface

Initially, one might think they need an app like this, so the site provides some examples of how one might use the app.

Just a few ideas to start with:
  - Remove spots from sky or other backgrounds
  - Remove wires from your picture
  - Remove banners from the buildings
  - Remove human-made objects from nature views (bridges, buildings, tents, ships etc.)
  -   - Remove your shadow from self-made picture
  - Remove people from the photo
  - Remove ghosts and flare
  - Remove surface breaks
  - Smoothen and retouch the face
  - Create funny pictures: for example, remove parachute and leave the guy flying in the sky

Here is a picture that I personally took in 2008 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I took the picture purposely to include the local Jamaican man.

While that is a great shot to capture the moment. I would still like to have the shot to capture the just the children as they searched for hermit crabs.

Additionally, I had not noticed, when I took the picture, that the sunbather was in the shot (in the upper right corner). 

I removed the man, the woman, the chairs and the line used to secure the man's boat from the shot. The amazing this is that it Is so simple and that there is hardly any clue that a change was made. I left the man's shadow because it doesn't take a way from the shot and because it could be viewed as the rocks' shadow as well.

What is even more amazing is that this change literally took less than a minute to do.

You do everything with the touch of your fingers. The app has undo and redo icons so you can quickly revert to any prior picture or redo something that you thought you didn't need. It is really a smile and easy app. You learn quickly how close you can get to a subject before it distorts the  main subject.

Here is another example of a random picture I took from one of my Facebook friend's page.
The photo on the left is the original. The one on the right is one that I touched up with TouchRetouch HD. Notice that this picture is not changed much, but the changes are significant. You may have a similar picture that you want to use as a profile picture, but have extra people in it or extra items that are not needed.

Removing the person behind the couple, the picture and the door frame allows the eyes to focus on the subject. 

I highly recommend this app to anyone that takes, shares or enjoys photos.

There is a TouchRetouch iPhone version and an TouchRetouch HD for iPad version for $0.99 each.  It is not an Universal app. 

People say that the iPad is just for media consumption, looks like they continue to be corrected.

Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy

Sent from my Magical and Revolutionary iPad

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