Monday, June 14, 2010

iPad - Truly the First Personal Computer

I have a wonderful wife. I would do anything for her. Until today, that was true. I still think she is wonderful and I will most things without hesitation. Today she made a request that I had to ignore. I noticed that I had missed her call this morning as I dressed for work. I noticed that she had called shortly after she had left the house to take the girls to school. It must be important, I was assured so, I gave her a call.

At first the call went good, "Make sure you take an umbrella"' she cautioned. And then she dropped the bomb, "Leave your iPad for me, I have some things I want to check out". What! Is she serious? Surely she jest, I thought. "Leave it on the bed", she continued. "No, no way", I countered before I could stop myself. "I have to commute to and from work and I needed it", I reasoned. "You can make it one day without it", she pleaded. "I have to get dressed or I will missed my bus", I said as I ended the call abruptly. I stared looking at the blank black Palm Pre screen. Nothing.

A few minutes later, the Pre vibrated. "Leave it on the bed"' her text message read. She is serious - texting while driving. I couldn't think about it any more or I would miss my bus, so I got going. It occurred to me that this iPad is truly a personal computer. We have one server, two desktop computers, and three laptops in that house. Our home has four occupants. We have computer overkill, but she needs my iPad for some undisclosed reason. Don't she know that the desktops and laptops can do way more than an iPad? Doesn't she read the tech analysts' reports? Don't she know that the iPad is just a big iPod Touch? Doesn't she know the iPad is mine!?

Don't she remember she fought me getting the iPad? She said we could not squeeze any funds out of the budget to even think about a purchase so I gave up my golf league this year to be able to get this iPad, without using any unallocated funds. Again I ask, what could she "need" my iPad for? The PCs and laptops are there waiting to be used, longing to be used the way they were prior to the iPad's arrival into our home.

The PCs are used by all members of the family. Each of us has our own credentials and profiles. When we log on, we get our own pictures, our own documents, our own bookmarks and desktop shortcuts. We work within our on little PC world. On the iPad, it is my world. My email accounts, my apps, my my my. The PC is personal for everyone. The iPad is personal for me. Again I ask, what could she "need" my iPad for?

I do have games that I put on that I knew would be appealing to my two girls. The girls often played with my iPod Touch, but my wife never did. She saw them playing it often and even bickering over who's turn it was, but my wife never had a desire to use the iPod Touch. She started off the same way with the iPad. She'd often mock me and ask if the iPad was worth giving up golf for, without any regard for the iPad in any way. I had noticed that she had started picking it up lately whenever I wasn't in use (which is not often).

I think it is either Plants and Zombies or Diner Dash Grilling Green that has her making such unreasonable requests. While she could play similar games on the laptop, it just doesn't give her the freedom that the iPad does. I think I may convince her that I should get the 32GB iPad for Father's Day so she can have my 16GB iPad for a later Mother's Day or early Birthday gift (her choice).

I do love her. So I left her my iPod Touch on the kitchen counter.

Am I wrong? Is the iPad a personal or shared device in your home? What would you have done in this situation?


Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy

Sent from my Magical and Revolutionary  iPad

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