Friday, May 28, 2010

Whistle - Makes your iPad more like a BIG iPhone than a BIG iPod Touch

What is Whistle ?
Whistle is an easy-to-use phone service that you can use anywhere on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Windows PC. Make FREE phone calls to anyone in the US, plus save on your international phone calls with our low calling rates. All you need is internet access through a wired, wifi or 3G connection! Whistle allows you to make and receive crystal-clear phone calls, whether you're at home or on the go. Download it now and start experiencing next generation phone service!

Who uses Whistle ?

  • International Callers calling the United States

  • Domestic Callers looking to save on expensive landline and cell phone bills

  • Anyone looking for one number as a point of contact.

  • iPod Touch and iPad users looking to turn that device into a simple and easy to use phone

    I just installed the free Whistle app on my iPad and I can make free calls. The catch is I have to listen to an audio advertising before connecting the call. My wife called my Whistle number, which I didn't get to choose and has a Mississippi area code, and she got through without any ads. i tried to call it myself several times and it kept saying it was not able to reach the party. This happened whether i was in the app or out of it. Not sure it the the first call was a one time complimentary call. I will try this in the wild and will attempt to associate my Google Voice number with it.

    Whistle doesn't quite make your iPad like a Big iPhone because it still doesn't have a camera. Without Whistle, it is still not like a big iPod Touch because the iPod Touch doesn't have Bluetooth. Face it, the iPad holds it's own as a unique handheld computer that anyone is holds it loves it.

    More info to follow.  
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