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A Quick Discussion about the Apple iPad Case

On May 30, 2010, at 1:14 AM, Garrie L. wrote:

Im sure this has been discussed but prob. before I joined.

Is the apple ipad case worth having ($39 bucks worth)

or are they similar, better and cheaper ones to be had, I have not looked at all just asking.

I just saw the official Apple iPad case for the first time yesterday at the Apple store. It is very thin and does not add much weight to the device at all. It is made of some type of rubber material and looks like it will protect it very well. It protects the entire device by covering the whole unit but allowing access to all ports and buttons.

I would have gotten one but there were none in stock. They just had the demo case onsite to show and the Apple Specialist said they'd received about 10 the day before but they sold out in 2 minutes. She suggested I get it online but I think I will have to pay tax and shipping if i do that, so I prefer not to.

I pre-ordered the Wallet case from and expect to get it in June. While I like the zipper area of the Wallet, I don't like the fact that it doesn't convert to a stand for typing. So because if this I am considering the Apple iPad case. I did it the wrong way, so hopefully my story helps to save you both time and money. 

See I didn't even consider a case when I purchased the iPad.  I guess I didn't want to be one of those people that I had heard about that went in to pay $499 for an iPad and came out with over a $1000 on the credit card because of the accessories.

After buying the iPad on a Friday, I realized by Sunday that I should have a case for the iPad because it was very slippery without one and because I would be traveling to Texas that coming Monday and would need to protect it from the other gear in my gadget bag, so I got this slip on case from CaseLogic that is designed for a portable DVD player but fits the iPad perfectly. I bought it from Kmart for $15. This protects it in transit but when I pull it out to use it, I have to hold the case and the slippery iPad.

The iPad is so slippery that you have something to protect it, so I bought a plastic transparent back cover for $20 at a mall in San Antonio TX that slips onto the back of the iPad and keeps it from getting scratched and also makes it less slippery. This slip on case covers the back, but still shows the Apple logo in addition to allow access to all the ports and buttons. These two cases' combined cost is close to what the Apple case would have cost, so I would have rather gotten the Apple case instead these two cases. 

The Apple case does what these two does and I wouldn't have had to worry about having two things to juggle. At least the slip on CaseLogic case is small, light and flexible that I can slip it in my pocket at times but I could have avoided this by have the one case from Apple.

Yesterday, at the mall, I stopped at the food court after visiting the Apple store. I had hands full of bags and I stopped to get some of that Chinese food with 2 items per plate. Ordered and slip down to the cashier area and waited to pay. One of the guys was soliciting people with free samples, but they all declined. All of a sodden I went into a panic as I realized that I didn't have my iPad. Luckily it was still on the counter where I had placed my order. If someone had taken the samples or if the case clearly displayed the content as containing an iPad, I would be telling a much sadder tale today. Luckily no one was behind me and that I was at the mall early and it wasn't crowed yet.

I discovered that what need, as well, is a shoulder bag because I take this everywhere. I need something that I can wear with both professional and casual attire. Also something that won't look like a man purse. So I am thinking that the best solution for me would be a case that protects the device, allows access to all ports and buttons, and doubles as a stand is the best case plus a carrying satchel or some sort to place it in to allow it to be carried everywhere. What solutions have you come up with?  Any ideas?      

Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy

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