Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Thoughts on the new Wired Magazine for the iiPad

The magazine publishers are clueless about reaching out in this new world of digital publications. Nobody wants a scan of the paper pushed as a digital app. There is not enough people wanting to pay for a digital magazine to justify selling it. Wired calls their new app an experiment which is right because they will soon learn that is not how we do it in the digital world.

These publisher should push hard to get get advertisers and give the magazine away free. Do they want 100,000 people to buy a $5 app or millions to read their content daily? What they fail to realize is that millions of people can now know what their magazine is instead of a few hundred. Few would even know what Wired is and even less would visit their site daily, but with iPhones and iPads, they could have millions viewing those paid ads to view their content and have a paid app for those who what to avoid the ads.  

Carl W. Brooks
The Tech Guy

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