Saturday, May 22, 2010

How my iPad saved the day...while on the Road

Tried to leave the laptop behind the last week long out of town venture. I bought it only because I had the iPad for only a couple of days and had not gotten the apps I needed to be sufficient.

Logmein Ignition was a gem. The best $30 dollar spent so far. It is the most i ever spent on an app, but it was essential to freedom from the heaviness of the laptop and the dependency of sitting on the edge of the row to be near a power outlet. It allowed me to log into my servers back at the office to support the office while on the road. I have several commuter accessible via the free account at The only time I had to use an outlet was to recharge my Sprint MiFi device because the very expensive hotel has the crappiest WiFi coverage I have ever seen and they tried to get $10 a day for the junk.

I chose to get GoodReader for the PDF files that normally would have printed and taken on the trip. I should have gotten iAnnotate PDF even though at $9.99 it is 10 times more the cost of GoodReader. iAnnotate PDF would allow me to markup and highlight PDF documents.

Carl W. Brooks

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