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Free App Round Up - May 30, 2010

The good thing about the iPad is that it runs iPhone apps too! Get your App on! 


Looking for ideas for your next vacation? Be inspired and informed by real travelers with similar interests as you! Interested in viewing wildlife but not sure where to go? We've compiled the best wildlife viewing destinations based on experiences shared by real travelers and WikiTravel. We've done the same for many other types of trips that our travelers have shared to help make planning your trip a little easier. Aside from finding the most popular destinations by interest, you can read about each category to get an idea of what you may expect when you get there!

Published by: Ngo Lien
Current Version: 1.1
Released: 2010-03-09
Price: FREE! 
Category: Travel 
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KidDrNotes is your pediatric doctor visit FIX. On the go you can document the details regarding your childs doctor visit.Keep your physicians, insurance, pharmacy and the date for their next needed appointment at your finger tips. In addition, KidsDrNotes enables you to keep your childrens height and weight on hand for that unexpected 2AM medicine dosing as well as particular notes regarding your visit. 
KidsDrNotes also provides space to track both food and drug allergies. 

KidsDrNotes knows there is one thing worse then forgetting what specialist to follow up with...your impatient child in the waiting room. KidsDrNotes has a charming farm animal game, like a see and say, to keep your child engaged even during the longest office waits. Thanks to KidsDrNotes the days of jumping on the chairs and pulling out your hair ARE OVER! 
Published by: jami becker
Current Version: 1
Released: 2010-05-20
Price: FREE! 
Category: Productivity 
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Free Drinks for iPad

Free Drinks is the best drinking application by far. It is the most customizable and user friendly application. Every single thing about Free Drinks is drink-centric. 

Free Drinks Exclusive Features:
-Add any drink or edit ours!
-Keeps up with your ratings
-Send 'Drink-Mail'
-Drink Variations
-The Buzz-O-Meter
-Search by: Drink Type, Alcohol Type, Taste, Theme, Mood, Glass, Location or what ingredients(inventory) you have on hand.
-16 Different things you can customize
- Blood Alcohol Content Tracker
-Beer Fridge/Wine Cellar/Liquor Cabinet storage and search
Published by:
 Second Fiddle Apps

Current Version: 1.0
Released: 2010-05-25
Price: $0.99 
Category: Lifestyle 
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This is a great app that tweets what you're listening to on your iPod/iPhone to your twitter account. 

TuneTweet does one thing and one thing only: it allows you to post what youre listening to on youre iPhone or iPod Touch to Twitter. Each Tweet is entirely customizable, and in fact, if you decide that you actually dont want to tweet about what youre listening to, you can just use the app as a simple tool to post anything to Twitter. Also, using new capabilities in iPhone 3.0, the app allows you to navigate within your playlist.

Published by:
 JBB Productions

Current Version: 1.0
Released: 2009-07-26
Price: FREE! 
Category: Social Networking 
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