Thursday, May 6, 2010

ClamCase™ the all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for iPad

So you got yourself the incredible iPad? Been looking for the right case? Maybe one with a stand built in? Thought about a keyboard, but no you won't have any convenient way to bring it along? Well you may be able to get all three in one package.

The ClamCase, scheduled to be released in the fall of 2010, just might do the trick.
Slide your iPad into this case and you have the convenience of a laptop without the bulk, weight and battery drain. People think it is not necessary, 'Why not just get a laptop or netbook?", they ask.

Some people don't get it do they?. It is NOT a laptop, it is a stand with a keyboard. While it may look like a laptop is should not be heavy like a laptop at all, which is main reason beyond sucky battery life, that keeps laptop users from using their device more.

I can't wait...Unless you needed more time to add the following to it.

Wouldn't it be cool if the touch pad area had a storage compartment to hold my mifi, stylus, photo adapter, VGA to TV adapter or whatever I want to carry with my device?

This makes since, but comes down to two things: weight and price. It's a no brainer that people want a case and that people want a stand. They don't want it too big, too heavy or too costly. Storage area and stereo speaker should go where the shiny flat surface is. Oh, what about an area where small accessories could slide into a mount and magically work as if they were plugged into the actual 30-pin connector port? I see several models being offered.

Price this right and you got hotcakes baby!

Carl Brooks


Clamcase — May 04, 2010 — Improve the Magical iPad® experience by enhancing protection, efficiency and ease of use with the ClamCase™ the all-in-one: keyboard, case and stand with a sea of features under its shell.

*Patent Pending


The chiclet style Bluetooth® keyboard offers a tactical feedback allowing you to compose and type quickly.

Your iPad® easily connects to ClamCases wireless Bluetooth® keyboard

The only physical hardware keyboard solution with a case
Manual power on and off button with blue LED indicator light and automatic power save mode.

Connection to other HID compatible Bluetooth devices such as Sony Playstation 3®,
Tivo® and HTPC (home theater PC) to give you the ultimate wireless keyboard experience.

Bluetooth® technology enables the 30-pin dock connector to be free for charging, syncing and other hard wired functions.


The 360-degree torque hinges enable greater flexibility and fixed angles for featured modes of operation as the simple and sleek design of the ClamCase™ protects your iPad® from dents and dings.

Made of high quality ABS plastic to ensure long lasting protection.

Shields against falls and breakage, dust and dirt.

ClamCase™ closed position guards against accidental openings and falls.

Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture of the 360 degree hinge provides a more user-friendly hold for confident handling.


Designed to enhance the iPad® experience by providing a you-decide stand with an endless combination of positions to accommodate your desired tasks.

Flip-back keyboard to expose the rubber hinge grip and enjoy your iPad® in tablet mode.

Watch movies at the perfect angle with the uniquely designed ClamCase™ stand which can position into an infinite number of viewing angles.

Manipulate the iPad® touch screen and use your favorite apps at just the right angle.

The unique positioning of the ClamCase™ allows users the capability to display a digital picture frame slideshow in both portrait and landscape views.

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