Sunday, April 18, 2010

OpenFeint and App Developers offer a Free Game of the Day

Turn on OpenFeint and discover a whole new way to enjoy your iPhone games. Once inside, you’ll instantly connect to more than 16 million people just like you. You can find new friends, chat with fellow game players, and send instant messages inside the games you download. Already have friends who you like to game with? No problem. With Facebook and Twitter integration, we’ve made its easy for you bring your own friends with you.

Play Games With Your Friends

What fun is beating your own high score, when you can beat your best friend’s? Playing games is more fun when there’s something on the line. So whether you’re challenging a friend’s best time or trying to get the highest score on the global leaderboard, OpenFeint helps you compete and rewards you for succeeding.
Find Great Games

OpenFeint helps you cut through the app store clutter and makes it easy to find great games. Why rely on anonymous app reviews when you download what your friends are playing? We play tons of games too, so you can be sure that the games we feature are loads of fun. And if you find a game that you like, it’s easy to find out other games from that same developer.
How much does OpenFeint cost?

It’s absolutely free to use! Go on over to the OpenFeint site to learn more.
Plus they work with game developers which offer a OpenFeint equipped game each day
Get a new free game every day by visiting!

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