Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mercury News: Apple snobs, the Bay Area is your capital

Today: Nearly one-third of Bay Area adults own an Apple product. Silicon Valley's unemployment rate jumps in March, but so does the number of jobs. Plus: Google, AMD shares dive. Another deal for Oracle. SV tech stocks.
The Apple capital
It's not that we want to write about Apple — the Cupertino maker of Mac computers and "i" devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) — all the time. We've long suspected our Bay Area readers are more interested than most Americans in owning Apple products, and today we have proof.
According to a report from consumer researcher Experian Simmons, 32.3 percent of the 5.3 million adults in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland market own at least one Apple product.
I recently visited San Jose for a business trip. We drove over to San Francisco to visit on the last day. I could not help but notice that Apple iPod ads were everywhere! I had never seen so many Apple ads in such a concentrated area. I thought that was a little weird. I remember thinking, "these people must really love Apple down here!"

Outside of the Bay area, I would have to drive clear across the country to be able to see the same amount of billboards advertising Apple products then I would see in the short trip from San Jose to downtown San Francisco.

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